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Which GTA 5 Character Are You?

GTA 5 Quiz

Take this quiz to find out which GTA 5 character you are.

The quiz includes characters from the main game, as well as DLCs.Your result will tell you which character you are most like, based on their personality and lifestyle.

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The affections of gamers of all ages have been won by the preposterously notorious game 'Grand Theft Auto.' One of the reasons why GTA has retained its appeal is that the story and goals are set in a contemporary metropolis called Los Santos, which was developed to resemble today's cities. This draws players into reality, making them want to play and achieve objectives and challenges.

Among the numerous variations of this game, Grand Theft Auto V has been regarded as the best. In GTA V, which lasts around 30-40 hours and involves three criminals in crimes such as robberies, murders, and arms trafficking, the three characters must complete several objectives to earn money without dying.


Michael De Santa was formerly a bank robber known as Michael Townley, who was acquainted with Trevor. Later, while meeting an FBI agent, he dissolved all ties to his past friends and accomplices in crime in exchange for government protection. He staged his own death and assumed a new identity.

Michael has a wife, Amanda, and two children, twin boys named Jimmy and Tracey. But he got so bored and down in life that he decided to go back to being a criminal once again. That can be attributed in part to his mid-life crisis and partly to a Mexican Cartel leader. So nine years after staging his death, Michael had to come out of retirement as a robber, which is when the events of GTA 5 begin.

Trevor Philips was born in Canada. He served in the military before becoming a criminal. After leaving the military, he began his outlaw career. Trevor and Michael were criminals together. When Michael faked his death, Trevor genuinely believed he was dead. At the same time, Michael believed that Trevor was dead. Trevor went on to be involved with arms smuggling after that. Later, when it's discovered that Michael is alive, he makes a surprise visit to his house as an old friend (although not really). So they resume their partnership once again

Franklin Clinton is the youngest of the three main protagonists. He works as a repossession agent for an Armenian man who owns a luxury automobile dealership. However, he desires more. Michael had been one of his clients and they had become friends. Later on, he becomes another partner in crime alongside Michael and Trevor.

1Choose your car

Choose an answer

2What is your character?

Choose an answer

3How do you feel about yoga instructors?

Choose an answer
With contempt
I don't even think about it

4What is your favorite color?

Choose an answer

5Do you wear dresses?

Choose an answer

6Would you have the humanity to make people do the dirty work?

Choose an answer

7You have completed one of your tasks. Now what?

Choose an answer
Looking for adventure, what to expect?
I'm looking forward to the next one
Can relax
It just never ends

8Can you play tennis?

Choose an answer

9Is it important for you to successfully move up the career ladder?

Choose an answer

10You heard a comment in your direction, what will you do?

Choose an answer
Someone wants to "talk"
How do I know what it is for me?
I will answer with insults
I'll make sure it's for me

11Your friend wants to leave the team. Your actions?

Choose an answer
What the hell!
Let him go, it's very pleasant for me to work myself
Someone waiting for a long conversation
Gotta let it cool down

12Do you consider yourself a hot-tempered person?

Choose an answer
Quite a bit fiery
I burn faster than fire

13Someone want to get to know you, what are your actions?

Choose an answer
I don't need new friends
Let them try
So strange
It seems to be a no-brainer

14Can you tell a person the truth to their face?

Choose an answer

15Do you think that success is the main goal of life?

Choose an answer

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