Which Marvel Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Marvel character you are.

You have a lot of favorite Marvel heroes, but which one is your favorite? Take this quiz to find out.

There are many Marvel superheroes, and each one is unique in its own way. Some of the most popular superheroes are Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk, Captain America, and Spider-Man. While they all have different skills and abilities, they all share a common sense of heroism and justice.

No matter who your favorite Marvel superhero is, they undoubtedly inspire courage and heroism in all of us. They remind us that we can always do the right thing, no matter what the cost. So next time you're feeling down, just think about your favorite Marvel superhero and be inspired to fight on!

The first question on the quiz will ask you what's your favorite color and then it will ask you about some of your life goals. After that, we'll show you who we think might be you! Ready? Let's go!

1What's you favorite color?

Choose an answer

2Are you sometimes afraid of the danger of a situation?

Choose an answer

3What is your positive character trait?

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4Do you think you are ready to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others?

Choose an answer
I just do my job
Not ready but no choice, I have to
Probably not
Who but me?
No time to think

5Do you consider yourself a communicative person?

Choose an answer
Love to talk
No I hate it

6Do you easily find a way out of conflict situations?

Choose an answer
I have a huge mission to make sure that there will never be conflicts
I try not to get involved in conflicts
What is there to find, punched and that's it

7Do you have a sense of humor?

Choose an answer
Sometimes it comes to me

8Do you enjoy being part of a company?

Choose an answer
Depends on situations and mood
I prefer to be alone
Yes, that's cool!

9What ability would you like to have?

Choose an answer
Be impenetrable
So that the body has the ability to make a web
Have the highest IQ in the world
Swim underwater for a long time
To be immortal
Be invisible

10Why did you become a superhero?

Choose an answer
I like being stronger than others
Because being a superhero is cool!
I didn't want to – everything was decided for me
I want to help people
Why not? This is the best thing that happened to me
It somehow worked out but I don't mind

11If you have power, who would you show it to?

Choose an answer
Only relatives, and then if they accidentally see
Who needs it?
Everyone, this is cool

12Need to be strong or smart?

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13Wars in the world occur because someone wants to show his strength. Do you agree with this?

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Don't quite agree

14Should a person be intelligent?

Choose an answer
Depending on what is meant by this word

15Which of these superheroes would you be scared to meet?

Choose an answer
Doctor Strange

16What gift would you give your superhero idol?

Choose an answer

17Should a superhero be famous?

Choose an answer
It doesn't make sense
It might get in the way of saving the world

18What shouldn't a superhero do?

Choose an answer
Abandon your mission
Be influenced

19If you have completed the mission of saving the world, what will you do?

Choose an answer
I can finally make time for myself
Back to normal life
It is impossible to completely save the world
Swim in the ocean
Improve my skills
I will have fun

20A friend urgently needs help, what should I do?

Choose an answer
I'm already flying
I'm already jumping
Already sent mutants to him

21Are male superheroes stronger than female?

Choose an answer
It doesn't depend on gender
I wouldn't say so