Which Squid Game Player Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Squid Game player you are.

The Squid game has been around for a while - but it is still popular because people love to play games.

Squid Game is one of the most popular video games in the world and there are many ways you can enjoy playing it. You can take quizzes like this one to find out which squid game player you are or take your own quiz that you design yourself with your questions and answers. There is no right answer or wrong answer - just have fun!

Hwang Dong-hyuk directed the Squid Game television series. It's a South Korean original TV drama with Lee Jung-Jae and Park Hae-soo in the leading roles. The show aired worldwide on September 17, 2021. A few hundred individuals were trapped in their unhappy existence and took part in a survival game to win 45.6 billion Korean won, according to the series. It immediately rose to the top of Netflix's most popular non-English original program chart after its release.

1What random number would you choose to play?

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2What will you do if a riot breaks out at night?

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We will decide together with the team
Protect yourself and the team
I'll hide and wait for the morning
I will try to see all the details and ways to survive
I will enjoy the riot
Support the team's decision

3What is your main disadvantage?

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Sometimes I get aggressive
I can't trust people

4Did you play games as a child?

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Yes, but I don't know all the games
Yes, but only the ones I liked
I learned the basic rules in the lessons at school

5What are you willing to do for a large sum of money?

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Risk relationships with people close to me
On deceit
I'm not interested

6Do you make new friends easily?

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I have a few close friends, I don't need others
No, I don't believe in friendship at all
Yes, I generally immediately find a common language with everyone

7What do you think was the most difficult test in the TV shows?

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Sugar honeycombs
Glass bridge
Squid game

8Do you use people for your own gain?

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9Imagine one of the tests - a game of death. Only one will survive either you or your friend. What will you do?

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I value my life more, so I will save myself
Let my friend win
Give up the game
I will play by the rules

10Is it important to you that everyone follows the rules?

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11If a friend asked you for help with a difficult first game, what would you do?

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I would try to come up with a way and help
I would give a couple of recommendations
In this game I could help
The rules do not prohibit helping friends
I would remain calm, and if there was no threat to me, then I would help
Help from me is not great, but I would not refuse

12Which character would you choose first for your team?

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Ali Abdul
Han Mi-Nyeo
Jang Deok-Su
The Salesman

13What would you spend your winnings on?

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I don't need money
My goal in all this is not money at all
I play for fun
It's all for my family
To repay all debts
To move to another country

14What is the most valuable thing in you?

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15Are you jealous of people?

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What's the point of this
Yes, because they still have a long interesting way to go

16Would you like to have girls on your team?

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The key is the number of players

17A person in a panic does rash things that can set many people up, what will you do in such a situation?

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I will try my best to calm the person
I'll try to get away from him and not be involved
I'll come and hit him

18What does this game mean to you?

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This is my job
I myself want to understand what it really is
This is my hope to open people's eyes

19Already in the game, what would you do if you could turn back time?

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I would raise all the people to stop this
Wouldn't fall for it
Did everything the same as now

20What do you think, by choosing which symbol you could win?

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21Which GIF captivates you the most?

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