Which Peaky Blinders Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Peaky Blinders character you are.

The Peaky Blinders is a British drama series set in Birmingham, England, that follows the exploits of a mob and their criminal syndicate. Tommy Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy, is a World War I veteran who runs the gang with his brainpower. Since debuting, Peaky Blinders has gained a large following but has already aired five seasons.

The Peaky Blinders is well-known and praised for its fast-paced narrative and strong personality. Many fans of the show like to consider themselves to be comparable to Tommy Shelby, the series' ringleader, but not everyone may be as clever and perceptive as his legendary personality. Perhaps you're more like Lizzie Stark, the well-intentioned yet cruel Michael Gray, or you're coldblooded like Michael Gray. Take this amusing quiz to find out which Peaky Blinders character you are!

Is the Peaky Blinders based on a true story? It follows a single fictitious gang based in Birmingham's Small Heath area, and it tells the tale of a fictitious conflict between the Peaky Blinders and the Birmingham Boys and Sabini organization in which they compete in the underworld.

Are the peaky blinders from Ireland? The series is primarily set in Birmingham, England, and follows the Shelby crime family's activities in the wake of World War I. The made-up gang is loosely inspired by the Peaky Blinders, a real nineteenth-century urban youth gang that operated in Birmingham from the 1890s to the early 1900s.

1What season is your favourite?

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All seasons
They are all interesting, it is difficult to single out any

2What is your main life value?

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The most important thing is my family and its well-being.
The main thing in my life is honor. I am ready to make many sacrifices for the cause.
I am a little down to earth, so the main thing for me is social status and material wealth.
I love to live in the moment, the main thing for me is emotions and impressions

3Choose the option that suits you

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Collected, cold, prudent, I always try to control the situation
Emotional, secretive, prone to compassion
Impulsive, emotional, sometimes tough, honest with myself and others
Open, brave, sensitive, proud

4How do you usually deal with problems that arise?

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In all situations, I prefer to smooth corners as much as possible, but in emergency situations I act boldly.
I have been thinking over a plan of action for a long time, cold calculation has not harmed anyone yet.
If the situation is serious, I consult with someone, but I always act only as I see fit
Usually I don't think long about the situation, I act impulsively

5Do you consider yourself a lonely person?

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No, I have a wonderful environment and family
Even despite the fact that someone is always next to my work, yes

6If you lived in the peaky universe, would you have had a communist phase?

Choose an answer
Yea, don't we all?
Fuck politics i have better things to think about
Whats communist mean
I don't care what you are, just keep it away from me

7How would you describe your personality?

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Cool and collected

8What is your favorite ?

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9What's a quality which you admire the most in a man?

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10Who is more suitable for Tommy?

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11What's your vice?

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12Lizzie and Ada can be an example of friendship?

Choose an answer
They weren't friends
They are completely different

13What do you think of the moment Grace left?

Choose an answer
It ruined Thomas
Finally Tommy could be happy
I didn't like her from the start
I hardly paid any attention to her
This is life

14Are you the type to hold a grudge?

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I forgive, but I don’t forget
No, never
Yes, always

15What role do you play in your family/friend group?

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I don't have a role

16Which episode was the most powerful?

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17Choose your horse

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18Where do you prefer to live?

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19Should the Shelby family stop?

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Shelby needs a new leader
Everything is so confusing, but I think it's possible to stop
I don't think they need to do this, they are on the right track
Shelby won't be able to stop, there are a lot of enemies around
They do everything for themselves and their people

20Whose loss upset you the most?

Choose an answer
In my opinion, these two people were very important in the series

21What do you think about season 7 of Peaky Blinders?

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I'm looking forward to
It will be interesting
I hope they are all together and happy
If only no one in the family got hurt
I want Tommy to be with May
Michael will be the head
Alfie will help Tommy solve the situation
Lizzie will help Shelby