Which The Mandalorian Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which The Mandalorian character you are.

The Mandalorian is an American space Western television series created by Jon Favreau for the streaming service Disney+ (formerly Netflix). It's five years after The Return of the Jedi, and a lone bounty hunter on the run has been hired to retrieve him.

By 2009, George Lucas had begun developing a live-action Star Wars television series, but it was thought to be too expensive to produce. On October 20, 2012, he sold Lucasfilm to Disney. Subsequently, work began on a new Star Wars series for Disney+, which Favreau signed on as writer and showrunner in March 2018. He is an Executive producer alongside Dave Filoni, Kathleen Kennedy, and Colin Wilson.

The series' title was announced in October 2018, with production beginning at Manhattan Beach Studios in California. The StageCraft technology developed by Visual effects company Industrial Light & Magic for the series utilized virtual sets and a 360-degree video wall to generate settings.

The live-action Star Wars TV series The Mandalorian has captivated viewers all around the world. While even the Lucasfilm films are shredded by critics on a regular basis, most critics have given the Disney+ series a thumbs up. It also doesn't hurt that "Baby Yoda," according to fans, is a cute Child character.

We all have a Mandalorian character who shares our own personality. Perhaps you're a bounty hunter who sticks to her own strict moral code. You could be a selfish and greedy person featured on the show, however, it's equally plausible that you're most like the adorable little guy named The Child.

1You stand out from others:

Choose an answer
Having many different talents
Incredible luck and the ability to find a way out of any situation
Developed intuition and quick learner
Acting talent and ability to convince

2Your weakness is

Choose an answer
Passion and willingness to take risks
Indomitable stubbornness
Dependence on other people
Combination of irascibility with perfectionism

3What is your weapon of choice?

Choose an answer
None of these

4Who is your coolest character?

Choose an answer
Cobb Vanth
Greef Karga
Ahsoka Tano
Bo-Katan Kryze

5Do you think Ahsoka Tano should have taken and trained Grogu?

Choose an answer
He would have been safer with her
No, it would have been stolen anyway
She could try
No, he only needed a Jedi.

6What would you do with Grogu?

Choose an answer
I would use his powers for my own purposes
I would help him get to the Jedi

7Have you ever tried fried frogs?

Choose an answer
Yes, of course
No, it's disgusting to even think about it

8Once in a galaxy far, far away, you would definitely be able to assemble with your own hands

Choose an answer
The best spaceship
Some form of transportation, say a speeder
Lightsaber of any design
A whole army of allies around me

9What kind of macarons would you like to have?

Choose an answer

10Do you have best friends?

Choose an answer
It is a myth
Yes, they always help out in a difficult situation
Yes, they believe in my success to the last
Yes, they don't act like I belong to them

11What is your favorite episode?

Choose an answer

12What would you do if your friend was being hunted and offered a reward?

Choose an answer
I would give it away. Maybe it will be better for him
I would hide it until the last
Wouldn't give it to anyone, would defend to the last
What is reward and hunting?

13What do you think is the weirdest one?

Choose an answer

14You have little time to achieve your goal for many reasons. You meet people who need help, what do you do?

Choose an answer
I can not pass by, and not help
Only my goals are more important

15Does good or evil win?

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  • You are Boba Fett!

    You are a fierce and independent Mandalorian who is not afraid to take on whatever challenge comes your way. You have a sharp mind and an even sharper tongue, and you always know how to get the job done.

    You are fiercely loyal to those you care about, and you’re not one to back down from a fight. You’re a force to be reckoned with, and everyone knows it. Thanks for taking the quiz! Be sure to share it with your friends. May the Force be with you.

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