Persona 5 The Animation Quiz: Which Persona 5 Character Are You?

Who Are You From Persona 5?

Take this quiz to find out which Persona character you are most like!

The quiz has 17 questions, and at the end it will tell you which character you are most like from Persona.

Persona 5: The Animation is an anime series based on Persona 5 from Atlus' video game. Masashi Ishihama directed the series and wrote it with Shinichi Inotsume, while Tomomi Ishikawa adapted Shigenori Soejima's original character designs for the animation. Kaneko Kazuma, a member of Atlus, designed the original demon images.

A 26-episode anime series based on the game was released in Japan between April and September 2018, with four special episodes airing afterward. A second episode aired in March 2019, followed by two more edition discs bundled with the Blu-Ray releases in May and June 2019. Prior to the video game's Japanese release in September 2016, an animated television drama called The Day Breakers was produced by A-1 Pictures for North American distribution. Aniplex of America licenses this series in North America.

1Which side character do you like most?

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Yuuki Mishima
Munehisa Iwai
Toranosuke Yoshida
Hifumi Togo
Takuto Maruki

2Is it easier for you to communicate with people at a meeting or in messengers?

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I prefer personal communication
Easier only in messengers
I like to combine these 2 types of communication

3Do you love art?

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4How do you feel about justice?

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Seeing the world with real eyes
Fairness is important, it needs to be achieved
What kind of justice? Benefit only for yourself

5Your friends met without you. What will you do?

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Nothing wrong with that. Then they will tell me everything
I will follow them, they do not plan anything against me

6Do you have a friend who supports you?

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Of course, I'm very happy about it
No, I don't need him

7You have a great idea. What will you do?

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I will write in all messengers about this idea
I'll tell my parents and friends
I will make a decision and I will act

8Which side character is your least favorite?

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Sae Niijima
Sojiro Sakura
Munehisa Iwai

9Who deserved their punishment most?

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Suguru Kamoshida
Ichiryusai Madarame
Kunikazu Okumura
Masayoshi Shido
Junya Kaneshiro

10Which of these shots do you remember the most?

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11What color do you like best?

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12What attracts you more about people?

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Sense of humor
Hard work

13Will you defend your opinion if you're wrong?

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Of course, I'm always right and I'm not wrong
No, what is all this for?
I believe in what i do

14Can you control yourself?

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It's hard for me
There is nothing difficult about it

15Do you consider yourself lonely?

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I am a significant part of society
Don't know
I have great friends

16Which street in the city do you like the most?

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17Do you consider yourself honest?

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