Which Queen’s Gambit Character Are You?

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Are you brave like Alexandra? Cunning like Gibbs? Or perhaps sly like Bishop? No matter what your personality, there's a character in Queen's Gambit for you! So take the quiz and find out which one you are most like. Then share with your friends and see who gets the closest match.

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The Chess scholar, Beth Harmon, is the character. The show begins with Isla Johnston's portrayal of the child Beth Harmon. Life soon becomes more complicated as it transforms into a drug habit that lasts years and for the majority of the play...most of it.

When Beth was 9, she committed suicide after discovering that her actual mother, Alice, had taken her into the future automobile. She goes to the house of Paul's father, where his new wife and young kid are waiting. Paul shoos Alice away from him when she asks for his help with Beth.

They've been talking for a while, but he has clearly moved on. He stated they could see each other again at some point. In the event of an accident, Alice tries to kill both of them since there's no place for Beth. Beth thinks about it and suffers from mental anguish throughout her life. Beth wonders whether or not she should do it.

At 16, Beth traveled to the United States to compete at the American Open and beat Benny Watts, the country's champion. She lost but was named co-champion of the event. After high school, Beth and Mrs. Wheatley went to Mexico for a holiday.

Beth confronted and terminated Borgov, the chess world champion after he had made her feel threatened. When Beth went back to her room, Mrs. Wheatley was already dead. Mr. Wheatley was notified and advised her that if she wanted to keep the house, she would have to manage Mrs. Wheatley's affairs, but he didn't care. He suggested that if she wanted the home to stay open, she should deal with Mrs. Wheatley's affairs herself.

1Choose your biggest flaw:

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2Do you love adventure?

Choose an answer
Depends on mood

3What is the most important thing in life for you?

Choose an answer
Career and money

4Can you play chess?

Choose an answer
A little bit

5Does chess really require training and a strong will of the mind?

Choose an answer

6How would you start a chess game?

Choose an answer
e2 — e4
d4 — d5
The main thing is that white starts and wins
What are you talking about?

7What is your main quality?

Choose an answer

8What game (other than chess) do you like?

Choose an answer
Only chess!

9When were you born?

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10Which character has the "biggest heart" on the show?

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11What's your least favorite chess opening?

Choose an answer
I don’t pick and choose, I’ll play any openings
I don’t play chess and don’t know what you’re talking about
The Caro-Kann, it's all pawns and no hope
I'm always frustrated to face something like the Rossolimi Attack or the London System

12What do you think is the secret to a successful chess game?

Choose an answer
Ability to count steps
Enjoy the game

13How are your chess skills?

Choose an answer
Better than your average
About average
Actually awful
Don't know, never played a day in my life

14What is your favorite episode?

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15Which character do you remember the least?

Choose an answer
Arthur Levertov
Margaret Johnson
Annette Packer
Alice Harmon

16How do you deal with problems?

Choose an answer
Through coping mechanisms
Facing them head-on
By running away and ignoring them
By thinking about the problem rationally and solving it

17What to do if there is no strength to achieve the goal?

Choose an answer
What is my goal? I enjoy life!
Crawl, even if there is no strength!
You can cry, but you can't give up!
You need to understand at what moment to motivate yourself and with what!

18Do you enjoy trying new things in life?

Choose an answer
Yes, but they rarely turn out good
I’ve already figured out what I want in life
I am open-minded and am willing to try anything
Depends on the circumstance

19Why are people in trouble?

Choose an answer
Problems are given not for something, but in order to …
Who knows?

20Who was the most unpredictable partner in the game?

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Vasily Borgov
William Shaibel

21What's your favorite chess piece?

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22Which chess is the most beautiful?

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23Do you think it would be cool if all people trained their brains with the help of chess?

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Possibly, but not everyone likes it
Everyone has to make their own choice

24Are you smart?

Choose an answer
Of course I am
No not really
You have to be smart to get a job around here, so yeah
I'm pretty average

25You're about to lose an incredibly important game of chess, what do you do?

Choose an answer
Have a drinky drink in the bathroom to calm your nerves
Concede like the gentleman/woman you are

26What character do you think made a big contribution to chess?

Choose an answer
Mr. Ganz
Annette Packer

27If you could have a pet.. what would you choose?

Choose an answer
Puppies of course
An adorable kitten

28Would you like to become the best chess player in the world?

Choose an answer
I don't know
No, I play for myself
To be better in the country yes, in the world – hasn't yet decided

29Do you think Beth should have stopped using tranquilizers?

Choose an answer
She could, but she might not have been able to achieve what is with them
She needed support
They were for peace of mind, she could manage without them
The orphanage shouldn't have given this crap to the kids

30Do you respect Helen Deardorff for her actions?

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31Would you like to play chess with Beth in person?

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