Which Rick And Morty Character Are You?

Who Are You From Rick and Morty?

Do you consider yourself a Rick and Morty fan? Then why not take our Rick and Morty Quiz to see how well you know the series. We've put up 30 questions for you—multiple-choice, true or false, and more—that will stretch your knowledge of the popular Adult Swim series to its limits.

It's difficult to imagine an adult Swim's Rick and Morty series as complex, vast, and emotionally genuine. Regards their intellect and humor or strange stories about Szechuan sauce and sweet sayings such as "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," there's a lot to get on board with.

Novices frequently struggle to get into Rick and Morty because the themes and fandoms cause them to bounce off. The program, though, is extremely witty and hilarious, with conversations between Rick and Morty that don't appear to be going away anytime soon. In other words, the intricacies of this incredible show are worth exploring and becoming a real fan of.

Morty is the easily influenced grandson of Rick, a mad scientist who lives as a lodger in his son's home. Morty's parents are Jerry and Beth, and his older sister is Summer. When Rick and Morty visit new dimensions, they do so with Rick's flying car or via portals, allowing for an infinite number of possibilities and realities.

The series has been recognized by a number of organizations for best-animated series and best comedy series. Rick and Morty attempt to reconcile science fiction with everyday existence while dealing with conventional and unusual circumstances.

There are 31 episodes in the Rick and Morty franchise, demonstrating no indication of slowing down. With its cast accepting that nothing matters but yet choosing to live a life-promoting science or indulging in unenlightened pleasure, the premise of the show explores such issues as anarchism, existentialism, and absurdism.

Take this quiz to find out who are you from Rick and Morty.

1How do you feel about science?

Choose an answer
You can't even imagine the power of science
Science is good, but what about inequality?
How can this science be understood
Something understandable with incomprehensible
You need to go to school, then everything will be clear

2What will your parents tell you if you skipped school?

Choose an answer
It's okay, you already know everything
I am a parent myself
What did you do? You're already dumb! Rectify the situation

3Why use a bulletproof vest at home?

Choose an answer
The walls are pressing down on me
What's happening?
They are everywhere. Need to be careful

4Someone is trying to open up your brain. Your actions?

Choose an answer
Run away
Need to embody something like an ass
My brain, remember what we can?

5Choose yours

Choose an answer
Talking Cat
Million Ants

6Even worse is your mental disorder

Choose an answer
Oh gods! What does disorder mean? I want to be funny
It depends on who is the first to get upset: me or disorder

7Your parents are bad for our children

Choose an answer
It seems to you. They need to be given a chance
Let's take them to a nursing home

8Which character do you remember the least?

Choose an answer

9What character do you remember the most?

Choose an answer

10Dr. Glip-Glop or Dr. Schmidt?

Choose an answer

11Which planet would you like to study?

Choose an answer
Boob World
Snake Planet
Cronenberg World
Purge Planet
Planet Squanch

12Which planet will you send your enemies to?

Choose an answer
On a Cob Planet
Snake Planet
Purge Planet

13o you like to invent different things?

Choose an answer
I save animal lives
You have to work, that's the point
The world can no longer be saved (laughter)
Yes. I think this is the only way to save the world
I am racking my brains over inventions. You need to fix me

14Brother or sister?

Choose an answer

15Describe yourself in one word

Choose an answer

16Your friend is in trouble, what will you do?

Choose an answer
Need help
Already collecting the best mental weapons for this case
An urgent need to find a portal
It's his own fault

17How does your grandfather feel about dad?

Choose an answer
Funny to look at them
They great communicate
Grandfather says he is a bastard

18Your children are gone. Where can find them?

Choose an answer
Aliens are playing again
Need to the police
In the portal that your father created
They themselves will find their way home. Why look for them?

19You dream of a robot. What to do?

Choose an answer
I will change the DNA of all people. I will make robots
I will ask my parents to buy me a robot
The robot is a dream, I am powerless

20Can you control your emotions?

Choose an answer
I want to learn this

21Showing emotion is ...

Choose an answer
Expressing emotions is like the very meaning of life
It looks like it's ok
Everyone has a right to it

22Do you care what others think of you?

Choose an answer
There are more important things
Who needs it at all
I think i will cry

23Where are you going for the next weekend?

Choose an answer
Anatomy Park
Pizza Universe
Dimension 35-C