Which Demon Slayer Character Are You?

Who Are You From The Demon Slayer?

Take this quiz to find out which Demon slayer character are you.

Demon Slayer has a cast of diverse characters, ranging from an adorable little demon to a pig-masked hunter. The series' characters are its heart and soul, with each having its own distinct appearance and personality.

To commemorate these personalities, we prepared a quiz that determines which Demon Slayer personality you most closely resemble. So put on your finest kimono and grab your blade, because it's time to find out which character in Demon Slayer you resemble the most.

Analyzing the personalities of Kimetsu no Yaiba characters is one approach to figure out which one represents you. We've outlined some of the most prevalent character types to assist you to determine who you connect with most.

The Kimetsu no Yaiba franchise is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotōge. The franchise has sold over 80 million copies to date, making it one of the best-selling manga series of all time. Do you consider yourself a Kimetsu no Yaiba fan? Take this quiz to find out if you qualify for that title!

1Choose your favorite color

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Green with black
Brown and pink
Yellow-orange and white
Red, green and yellow
I love the boar masks!

2A demon attacked you, what will you do?

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I will calmly and deliberately accept the battle
I will bravely enter the battle, but at the same time I will feel compassion for the demon
I’ll get scared, maybe even cry. But, I will gather my strength and rush to the attack
I will rush into battle without hesitation
I will protect people who may die to the last

3Which of the following animals do you associate yourself with?

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4What style of breathing do you think you will master?

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Breath of wind, fog, beast
I would be a demon … Most likely
Breath of flame, sun, water
Breath of love, flowers, snake, insect
Breath of stone

5What should be done to Demons?

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6What is your type of person to date?

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As long as they aren't annoying i'm fine
If we can vibe with each other we are soulmates
As long as they don't do jumpscares it's fine… and if they are cute
If they are loyal and devoted it's okay

7What is the most authoritative demon for you?

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8I would never _____ a Demon.

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9You tell your date "I know a place" where is it?

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Any fast food
The comedy club

10Goodness or rage dwells in you more?

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11How do you usually pick up new hobbies?

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By trying as many new things as possible
Picking one subject and studying it in depth

12You need to survive, but you're injured. What will you do?

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We are waiting for help
Injured I will resist the attack
 Let it be

13If you are afraid of spiders, the worst thing is to get to ...

Choose an answer
I am not afraid of anything
Of course to them
This fear must be overcome

14Which demon would you fight?

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Spider Demon (Mother)
Spider Demon (Father)
Spider Demon (Son)
Spider Demon (Daughter)
Spiders are not my level

15What gives you motivation?

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Father dancing kaguru
Desire for good in the world

16Mist Hashira or Wind Hashira?

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Mist Hashira
Wind Hashira

17What does family mean to you?

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This is the most important thing in life
Everyone need to fight for a family
I feel good alone
Family is a dream
I will make anyone pretend to be someone by my side

18What type of anime do you watch?

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Drama, comedy and action

19You know that your friend has the strongest power. But he doesn't know about it. What will you do?

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I'll tell him about it. And I will help awaken this power
I will not tell anyone about this. I should be the best
I'll think well what to do
Someone else will tell him
He himself will know when the time is right

20You are unable to master one of the breaths. What will you do?

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Nothing works either. I will learn something else.
I'll try later, but I can't quit
I will work on it from morning to night

21What if stress paralyzes your body?

Choose an answer
Understand why?
Wait until let go