Which Sherlock Character Are You?

If you're a fan of the BBC show Sherlock, then you know that there are three main characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and Mycroft Holmes. But which one are you most like? Take this quiz to find out!

You might be thinking that you're nothing like Sherlock Holmes because you're not a genius detective. However, you may have more in common with him than you think. For example, both of you are probably very good at problem-solving and have an analytical mind. You might also be quite introverted and prefer to spend your time alone rather than with other people.

As John Watson, you might be a loyal and reliable friend who is always there for someone when they need it. You're probably quite good at reading people and have a lot of empathy. You might also be a bit of a joker and enjoy making people laugh.

Mycroft Holmes is the eldest Holmes brother and is often seen as the most intelligent one. Like Sherlock, he's very analytical and good at solving problems. However, he's also much more patient than Sherlock and prefers to take a more measured approach to things. He's also very independent and doesn't need other people in his life to be happy.

So, which Sherlock character are you most like? Take the quiz below to find out!

1Do you think you have good intuition?

Choose an answer
I have professional skills, no intuition
Somehow I didn't pay attention to it.
No, my intuition never showed up
Yes, but I don't know how good
Yes, intuition always helps me by 75%

2Can you be called an intelligent person?

Choose an answer
Call me whatever you want

3Is it easy for you to find people to chat with?

Choose an answer
No, almost no one understands me
Yes, I am a very kind and sociable person

4Are you ready to exchange a friend for personal gain in an emergency?

Choose an answer
No benefit is more important than a friend

5Do you forgive people easily?

Choose an answer

6When you order food in a restaurant, what do you pay attention to?

Choose an answer
New dishes
Expensive meals
Availability of quality alcohol
Favorite dishes

7Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Choose an answer
Yes, and I take care of them
Yes, there is a sister and a strange brother
I only have a sister
I only have a brother

8Do you have secrets from your friends?

Choose an answer
There is something that I say is not always on time
Of course not
I am my own best friend, there are no secrets from myself

9Do you like cooking?

Choose an answer

10You are prevented from investigating the case, what will you do?

Choose an answer
I didn't ask anyone if I could or not
I'll still do it with a stubborn friend
I'll find out why I can't
I'll do it so no one will know
There are probable reasons for this

11How often do you help people who have problems?

Choose an answer
Help when asked for it
I help even if they don't ask me
I help only those I want

12Do you find it easy to communicate with the opposite sex?

Choose an answer
Not always

13What word would your friends describe you?

Choose an answer
Easy going

14A mysterious murder case. When you get to the crime scene, where do you start your work?

Choose an answer
Examine the body of the victim and all corners of the crime scene
Looking for a weapon
It's not my work
I could support people who need it
I will look for cameras where there may be a clue

15What place could be a place of your power?

Choose an answer

16What is your biggest flaw?

Choose an answer

17What color hat will you wear?

Choose an answer
Only black

18What betrays a criminal?

Choose an answer
A badly planned crime

19Do you consider yourself stress resistant?

Choose an answer
I think I can pull myself together when needed
Not always

20What GIF inspires the mood to review the series?

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