Which Siren Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out who are you from the "Siren".

Siren is a fantasy drama television series that follows Ryn Fisher (Eline Powell), a young siren who arrives in a little coastal town in search of her kidnapped older sister. On March 29, 2018, the series debuted on Freeform. The first season had ten episodes. In May 2019, the show was renewed for a third season that premiered April 2, 2020. August 2020 saw the series canceled.

The enigmatic lady who proved the Bristol Cove folklore to be real. Ryn, an alpha mermaid, is a natural leader with a kind disposition, open-mindedness, and tolerance for other cultures' ways of life. They attempt to see if humans and merpeople can live in peace in this world together with her human companions Ben and Maddie.

With only four episodes left in Siren Season 2, Blue Ant Entertainment brings a fun quiz for fans of the show to break the ice after the torturous days they must wait for new episodes as they wonder what will happen next.

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1Are you male or female?

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Watching what my people will need

2How much do you know about mermaids?

Choose an answer
I know a lot about them
I know a lot and am always interested in new information
I have heard, but I think these are legends.

3Who impressed you the most?

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4Do you think Ben should have told Xander everything from the beginning?

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Yes, he has the right to know everything
No, he did the right thing
Xander is very hot-tempered, Ben is right

5How do you feel about Donna's behavior?

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It's quite understandable, she's a predator
She needed more time
The government scared her too much

6Does Xander really regret Donna's death?

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I think yes, his emotions were not under control then
Everyone has to be patient
I don't remember this moment

7Which character do you hate?

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8Do you think Meddie's father always did the right thing?

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In most cases yes
He could do more
Enough not to hurt anyone

9Are you able to control your emotions?

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Mastering this skill
Emotions sometimes get out of hand

10Do you like to read and study a lot?

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Yes, it's easy for me
It is interesting for me
I have to do it
No, I can do it

11Who do you think should be with Ben?

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12How did you react to Sarge's death?

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He died a hero
He is a positive character, it was very unfair
I felt very sorry for him

13How much would the characters' lives have changed without Ryn?

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I think no

14When Ryn agreed to the experiments. Was it the right decision?

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Yes, it will make a big breakthrough for the whole world
It was her decision
No, the government would use it to their advantage

15Should people be aggressive towards the unknown?

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Calm is the main thing
It depends on the mood of the unknown

16Would you like to be one of them?

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17What impressed you the most about the sirens?

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Their mind
Their strength
Their ability to adapt to the environment