Which Cartoon Character Am I?

What Cartoon Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which cartoon character you are.

We all adore cartoons, whether they're from films, TV shows, or novels. This quiz will help you figure out which cartoon character best represents your personality!

Remember when we spent all day watching cartoons and I could bet that these were the greatest days of my life? You don't have to be a kid to enjoy cartoon characters; they're our first crush and we fell in love with many of them early on. The cartoon characters have gleamed throughout television's entire history, providing delight and pleasure to both children and adults.

Nothing made me happier than a Sunday morning when I was a kid. Irritated at 7:30 am by anything talking head, I would wake up before the cartoon marathon began. But then Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, and Mickey Mouse arrived for three hours. Many female cartoonists were also involved, as well as male secret admirers (Hahaha).

I loved Sunday morning antiquing in DVR and infinite stations, but I adored vintage cartoons. We live in a golden age of animation, but the most innovative and inventive brains are geared towards children, with just a few flaws.

1Choose your favorite cartoon

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2Choose your favorite cartoon

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3Do you cry often?

Choose an answer
No more than once a week
I can cry once every six months
I hardly cry at all

4Do you have more friends / acquaintances who are older or younger than you?

Choose an answer
Mostly peers
I communicate with a lot of people, so there are both around me

5Can you tell people no?

Choose an answer
I don't know
Yes, I easily refuse
Depends on a person
No, it’s hard for me
Depends on the situation


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8How old are you?

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9What is your favorite season?

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10What's your favorite fruit?

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11What's your favorite vegetable?

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12You have a whole day of free time, what will you do?

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Sleep and eat
I will pay attention to a hobby
Meet friends

13You really want to have a pet, but loved ones are against it. What do you think about it?

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Will have something to talk about at school
Well, one cat won't hurt us

14You came home again not in the mood. What are you unhappy with?

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Everything has cooled down for me, and they are running in the clouds …
They show crooks on TV. Why am I worse ?!
Everyone has summer: sea, sun, air and water. I am alone in the kingdom of hot concrete and stifling asphalt! What kind of life is this ?!

15What's your group of friends like?

Choose an answer
I have a large circle of very close friends
My family members are my best friends
I have one or two very close friends who keep me out of trouble

16Do you consider yourself brave?

Choose an answer
I am more strong than brave
Yes I am brave
Kindness is above all
Where can I eat?

17What do you like to listen to the most?

Choose an answer
Sounds of the rain
Sounds of the sea
Sounds of air
Bird sounds
Fire sounds

18You are lazy?

Choose an answer
No, I just love to relax
Difficult question for me

19As a gift you want

Choose an answer
New iPhone
Cat or dog

20What's your favorite dish?

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21Do you think the Grinch is bad?

Choose an answer
He's just offended
Yes he is evil
No, he is very kind at heart. It just needs an approach

22Would you like the Grinch to steal someone's Christmas?

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23What's your favorite holiday?

Choose an answer
Thanksgiving Day
Independence Day
Columbus Day

24What's your favorite Ice Age hero?

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25Choose the coolest character

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26Do you follow the rules?

Choose an answer
I like to break all the rules
There are no rules without justice

27You are very late, what will you do?

Choose an answer
100 apologies
It's over, I can stay at home
You have to pretend that you've been there for a long time

28Do you like how people are happy?

Choose an answer
It's so beautiful
The main thing is that I be happy
I don't care

29Are you very scared, what are you going to do?

Choose an answer
I need to understand why I'm scared
Run away

30Your enemy wants to be your friend. What to do?

Choose an answer
In no case
I have no enemies
It's great, I won't have enemies

31What's scarier?

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32Which castle would you like to be in?

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33Which monster is the sweetest for you?

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