Which South Park Character Are You?

Who Are You From South Park?

Are you Cartman? Kyle? Stan, Kenny, or Butters. Take this quiz to find out which South Park character you are most like!

The eponymous "South Park" is an American animated television series that has aired on Comedy Central since 1997. The show follows a group of fourth-graders named Stan, Kyle, Eric Cartman, Kenny McCormick, and Butters Stotch in their everyday lives and crazy escapades in the tiny town of South Park, Colorado. It also focuses on some of the other individuals in the community, particularly as they relate to their family members, friends, instructors, and celebrities

The series is known for its profanity and mocks a wide range of themes, including politics, celebrities, and popular culture, drugs and alcohol, LGBTQ community, the environment, religion, and everything in between. While some people find the program hilarious, others believe it to be extremely offensive and inappropriate. The show has continued to thrive more than 20 years later.

You're probably aware of all of the memes and viral videos that the show has inspired. In fact, the program has grown so well-known that even those who have never seen it are likely familiar with some lines from it. If you like the series, you may have asked yourself which South Park character you resemble the most. Simply take our entertaining and informative quiz to find out for yourself.

Which South Park character are you most like? Will you end up as one of the foul-mouthed fourth-graders, or will you become one of the teachers, parents, or celebrities who appear on "South Park"? Take this quiz to find out!

1The most important thing in your life

Choose an answer
Staying alive
Video games and food
Your best friend
Your possessions

2Which of these best describes your personality?

Choose an answer
A leader who is always in control
Someone who is creative and expressive
A hard worker who is always on the go
Someone who is relaxed and takes life as it comes

3When you're mad, you

Choose an answer
Stomp your feet and yell
Get really quiet and seethe inside
Pout and refuse to talk
Cry a little bit on the inside

4Your ideal vacation spot

Choose an answer
A big city where there's always something going on
The beach with lots of sun and sand
Anywhere with mountains and forests
Someplace cool where you can wear lots of layers

5What is your attitude towards violence?

Choose an answer
HAHA I'm the one causing it
It should be stopped and we should have peace
There's not much I can do about it
As long as it solves my personal matter, it's OK with me

6What's your favorite board game?

Choose an answer
Chess or checkers is fine with me
Scrabble, Monopoly, and all the classics!
Any type of puzzle games like Sudoku and crosswords. I love a good challenge.
I don't really care for board games at all, sorry to disappoint you 🙁

7In school when there were a bunch of kids ganging up on someone you

Choose an answer
tried to convince the kids to stop it
cried and told the teacher
usually were the one causing the trouble in the first place
were probably the one getting picked on

8Your friend is having a bad day and you want to cheer them up. Which of the following would be your first course of action?

Choose an answer
Tell them not to worry about it because everything will get better soon! After all, tomorrow's another day…right?
Make fun of what they're going through so that way they can laugh instead of being upset over things out their control. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine… or at least a temporary painkiller.
Give em' a hug and just listen as they vent about whatever problems have been plaguing them lately.
I won't do anything, because he/she deserves it!

9You are stranded on an island and you can only have one thing

Choose an answer
A friend
My handheld game
My favorite snack
Self-pleasuring toy

10What's your Least favorite ice cream flavor?

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Rocky Road
Salty Licorice

11Fifty bucks accidentally drop out of your friend's wallet when he's buying a round of drinks, but he doesn't notice. You

Choose an answer
Hand it over to him
Hand it over to him because you know he'll just use it to buy more rounds anyway
get your ass kicked when he notices you grabbed it
use it to buy a round of drinks for the table & like the attention you get

12The movies you like are

Choose an answer
Loaded with gross-out humor and gags
whatever everyone else likes
about people getting a second chance at life
filled with gratuitous sex and lots of action

13How do your parents treat you?

Choose an answer
Like a king/queen
Like a normal kid
My parents are kinda nuts…
They have trouble taking care of me…

14Which of these Cartman quotes is your favorite?

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"Don't you know the first law of physics? Anything that's fun costs at least eight dollars."
"I'm not fat, I'm big-boned."
"Respect mah authoriteh."

15What would you do if aliens attacked and kidnapped your girlfriend/boyfriend?

Choose an answer
Go save him/her
Throw a party
Call 911
Look for a new BF/GF
I don't need him/her! I can be alone

16What do you think (or used to think) about your teacher?

Choose an answer
I love them
I miss them
I wish they were dead
I pity their pointless life

17Before making an important call, would you first practice what you're going to say?

Choose an answer

18Choose a color

Choose an answer

19Choose a bad quality about yourself

Choose an answer
Too rebellious
Talk too much
Can't be understood

20Money is frequently an issue on the show. How well off are you?

Choose an answer
Kind of poor
C Not very well off
I’m better off than I used to be
Surprisingly well off for the terrible job I work