Which Steven Universe Character Are You?

Who Are You From Steven Universe?

Take this quiz to find out which Steven Universe character are you.

Are you a bubbly Crystal Gem who loves to have fun? Or are you more of an analytical thinker like Steven himself? No matter what your personality, there's a character on this quiz for you.

So which one are you? Take the quiz and find out!

Quiz by: Quizaza.com


Crystal Gems generally have very positive attitudes and they enjoy having fun. If that sounds like you, then maybe you're most like Pearl or Amethyst. But if you're more of a thinker, than maybe Stevens is more your style. No matter what, there

The protagonist of the Steven Universe franchise is Steven Quartz Universe. He is a half-human, half-Gem hybrid and the first Crystal Gem of human descent, son of Greg Universe and Rose Quartz. As a result of his parentage, Steven possesses abilities beyond those possessed by ordinary humans and Gems. While he was still a little kid, Steven went from being a tag-along to the Crystal Gems to becoming the heart of the team due to his good nature and resourcefulness.

Steven is dedicated to the protection of humanity and assisting those in need, just as Rose Quartz did, and he has since surpassed her by bringing about peace throughout the galaxy. However, Steven's mother's failures continue to trouble him, and

As he gets older, Steven becomes increasingly aware of himself and his position in the world. He is still learning who he is as a person, but it's apparent that he has more questions than answers right now. However, at this rate, with every passing year, our protagonist will be able to solve these issues on his own via learning hard and doing better things for himself around him.

However, at the conclusion of the series, when Steven withholds his feelings for so long, he transforms into a colossal Gem monster after coming to the understanding that he is one, and his friends and relatives are able to reach him with love. He decides to leave Beach City in the months after to go on a journey around the world alone in order to discover himself.

1Describe yourself in one word ...

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2Do you think you need to be kind to all people?

Choose an answer

3Do you care about the people you love?

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4What trait prevails in you?

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5Choose your dessert

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6How do you solve problems?

Choose an answer
I do not have problems!
Look for various information wherever possible
Ask your friends for help, maybe they know

7What will you do with your enemy?

Choose an answer
I'll hit him hard, so that he is afraid to look at me!
What other enemies? I have no enemies!
I do not want to have enemies. And so I'll try to befriend him

8When a new season comes out, you ...

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I look forward to every episode
I'm waiting for the release of all episodes
When I have time I will watch

9What are you most likely doing at a party?

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Stuffing my face at the food table
Chilling on the couch
Meeting new people

10Would you rather be a leader or follower?

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11What would you like to be able to do?

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Learns well without effort
Shoot from hand
Heal people
See the future
Read people's thoughts

12What does your room look like?

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A complete mess
Organized chaos
Clean and tidy

13Panda or panther?

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14Choose the color of nails that you would like

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15Do you respect your parents?

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It is hard to say

16You see a crying friend. What will you do?

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I will cry with him
I will find out the problem and help you figure it out
Need to feel sorry for him faster
I will tell you not to take a steam bath, and I will joke

17How old do you want to get married?

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I do not want to get married

18Do you have brother or sister?

Choose an answer
I have a brother
I have a sister
I have a sister and a brother
I am alone in the family
Only cousins
I have many brothers and sisters

19What kind of breakfast would you like to eat every day?

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20What house do you want to live in?

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