Which Community Character Are You?

Who Are You From Community?

Take the quiz to find out which Community character are you.

Are you Troy, Abed, Pierce, Shirley, or Jeff? Take the quiz and find out!

Community is a comedy series that focuses on the characters and their leaders in various schools. It premiered on September 17, 2009, and ran for five seasons before being canceled by NBC on May 9, 2014. After acquiring the rights to the program from Dan Harmon and Krasnoff Foster Productions, Yahoo Screen resurrected it for the sixth season. Dan Harmon was responsible for its development as well as its production.

The show chronicled the misadventures of a disbarred attorney and his Study group as they attended a quirky community college. At first, it was more of a traditional sitcom, but it soon began to incorporate metal elements as well as references and parodies. Despite the fact that the community consistently underperformed in terms of ratings, it won praise from critics and developed a large cult following especially on the internet.

1What does your room or work space look like?

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Every pen is color-coordinated with its neighbor. No piece of paper is out of place
My housekeeper keeps all my rooms ship-shape
Lots of movie posters and whatever bedding my parents bought me when I moved out
Does it matter? Clutter is such a first-world problem
Neat enough that I can find things. Messy enough that people won't think I care
Clutter, pictures of my favorite animal, and lots of changes of clothes

2What do you tell a friend who wants to go to college?

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This is the right decision
College is the site of activation for many mental health problems
It will be fun

3What do you think about people?

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All I need to know about the Universe is that I am at the center of it
People can find something good in anything but themselves
Stop swearing! We offend innocent perverts

4How high are your standards?

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I was raised to have high standards for myself, but I don't really worry about what other people do.
Really, really high. Like, some might say too high, but they're obviously wrong
Life should be about having a good time and meeting great people, not about being perfect. But I do like to look great
I hold the world to a level of expectation that I'm not sure it will ever achieve
I only work hard at things I care about
For my lifestyle? Really high. For bedmates and effort? Pretty low

5Your favorite episode ...

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Season 4 Episode 1: "Story 101"
Season 3 Episode 2: "The Geography of the Global Conflict"
Season 1 Episode 22: The Art of Reasoning
Season 3 Episode 1: "Biology 101"
Season 1 Episode 4: "Social Psychology"

6In a group, what role do you usually play?

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The serious one
The leader
The analytical one

7Which of these is most likely to weigh you down?

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Trust issues
Difficulty understanding emotions
Not being understood by others
Family issues
Family issues

8When do you have the most energy?

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Usually around midday
In the evening
In the middle of the night
Who said I had energy
Right when I wake up!
After a coffee

9What do you say to quickly get away from unwanted conversation?

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I have a lot to do
This is my monkey
Oh there seems to be my reason to leave

10Do you believe in fate?

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Any film is religion for me
I usually only have one foot in reality, but even I'm scared now
You chose the path, but there are other paths, and the choice is yours, my friend

11What’s your decision-making style?

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I trust my gut
I go with whatever I think will be easiest
I carefully consider the pros and cons of my decision
I procrastinate making decisions
I ask the people around me for advice

12Do you easily get to know people?

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And what is heavy there?
Making up problems for yourself
Everyone gets to know me by themselves
Love to eat
Many girls like me because let's face it, I am absolutely adorable
God help us

13What is your favorite subject?

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14How do you feel about cheating?

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This is terrible, I will take revenge
It happens that I'm handsome

15Do you like to play virtual games?

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The real world is for me
What is it?
Need to study it

16You’re the biggest fan of:

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Aber Nadir
Troy Barnes
Jeff Winger

17What do you like most in life?

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Life is generally very interesting
My job
Family and friends

18What college lunch would you prefer?

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19Which one would you like to study or work in?

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