Which The Crown Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which 'The Crown' character you are.

The Crown is a Netflix historical drama series about Queen Elizabeth II's reign, created and mostly written by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television for the streaming service. After The Queen (2006) and especially The Audience (2013), Peter Morgan developed it.

Season 1 follows Elizabeth's connection with Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who was the Prince Consort from 1947 to 1955, when her sister Princess Margaret's engagement to Group Captain Peter Townsend broke down.

The second season, which spans 1956 to 1963, covers the Suez Crisis and the retirement of Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in 1963. The third season begins in 1964 and charts Harold Wilson's rise and fall as prime minister twice. Camilla Shand makes her debut during this time period.

Season four covers Margaret Thatcher's time as prime minister (1979-1990) and the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer.

The Queen's reign from the early 20th century until the 21st century will be covered in the fifth and sixth seasons, which will bring the series to a close.

1What do you think of the expression: "The Crown must always win"?

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That's how it is in the royal family. And if you become a part of it, be patient.
This is the undeniable truth. All your actions must be compared with how this will affect the Crown.
I think that it is impossible to step over the feelings of living people, hiding behind a crown.
This means that it will not be easy for the monarch to choose between internal contradictions and obligations between the Crown. But in this fight, the Crown must always win.

2Do you think Charles treated Diana horribly?

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Why was it necessary to torture her, it was necessary not to marry

3Feelings and duty. What's more important?

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Duty. For the sake of it, one can and should step on the throat of one's own song.
If this is true love, then duty will not break it.
Duty. Feelings then get into the newspapers.
If you chose duty, you have to serve him. But it is not necessary to deny yourself pleasures.
Common sense must be present, then you will not have to choose

4You've been heartbroken. You feel lonely. What will you do?

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I need to relax: meet my friends, have a few glasses of wine and not think about anything.
I pretend I don't care. But in my heart I will suffer.
I'll go somewhere where no one will touch me and do what I love.
You can’t pretend and show your weakness.
Survive this, stock up on the support of loved ones

5How do you stay on top of the latest news?

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The evening news on TV
I read the newspaper every morning
I know the news before it even happens
My assistant briefs me first thing in the morning
I hear things through the grapevine

6In what cases can you compromise with the Crown?

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If there is a threat of damage to the Crown.
When the fate of another person is at stake.
None. Compromise is not royal.

7Do you think Diana was like a queen with her fortitude and kindness?

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8Why crown if you're not happy?

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If there is no happiness, why not do good?
If you have patience, happiness will follow.
No, you don't need a crown at that price.
Happiness is not only in marriage.
And no one said that there will be happiness.

9Choose your crown

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10What meal is the epitome of British cuisine?

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Bread-and-butter pudding
Caviar and cigarettes
Beans on toast
Roast venison with all the trimmings
Afternoon tea

11Do you keep your promises?

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Not all and not always. I'm only human and I'm not ashamed.
I just don't make promises that I can't keep.
I don't make promises. It obliges.
If I make a promise, I try to keep it.
I do, but there are circumstances where the Crown can force them to break.

12Crown and Commoner: A Possible Alliance?

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Yes, you can always give a title, and it brings you closer to the people.
Commoners do not have the right social circle, they will always stand out. Plus, you can find a lot of compromising evidence on them.
If the dukes are not just next to the queens, what can we say about mere mortals.

13Could Margaret and Diana be best friends?

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Perhaps, but someone might not have respect
No, they are completely different.

14What is Buckingham Palace to you?

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Home and tradition.
Work 24/7.
A place where they won't let me in.

15Who do you like the most?

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Princess Anne
The Duke & Duchess Of Windsor
Camilla Shand
The Queen Mother
Prince Philip

16Would you like to be a member of the royal family?

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17Do you think the crown did the right thing with the other members of her family by giving them up?

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They didn't have a choice

18Why does a modern society need a monarchy?

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To set an example of self-denial and impeccable obedience to duty.
It's just one big theatre!
The monarch is a consolidator, uniting the society.

19You've had a lot of fun lately. Your actions?

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I will tell my friends about it – with whom else to share.
I don't do anything that might compromise me, so I have nothing to fear.
I'll make sure there are no witnesses.

20Do you want a new season?

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No, the story is clear
Of course I'm looking forward to
If it comes out, I'll take a look.
It's not interesting without Diana
Yes, I wonder who Charles will be with