Which The Witcher Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which 'The Witcher' character you are most like!

The "Witcher" is far more popular than many casual gamers may believe. The Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski began the series of novels and short stories that became "The Witcher." It's been turned into a film called "The Hexer," a television show is known as "The Hexer," a popular video game franchise where most North American fans initially encountered it, and, of course, the Netflix drama starring Superman himself, Henry Cavill, as Geralt of Rivia, known as The Witcher.

Is it difficult for you to share your opinions or would you want to? What are some of your faults? Do you enjoy listening to music or watching sports? Your personality is influenced by your preferences, skills, and disabilities. Although no two people are identical, there are certainly some who are comparable.

We've prepared a quiz to determine which The Witcher character you are. Take this test to find out who you're most similar to!

The Witcher is not a single individual, but rather a job. They're simply monster hunters, to put it another way. On the Continent, there are several animals and ghouls. A few exceptional examples of this include the lesion's woodland spirit, which comprises of plants, animal pelts, and skulls, as well as the Bruxa, a powerful female vampire with an awful shriek.

A variety of weapons and tools can be used to eliminate these opponents. Their most effective usage is silver blades since holy animals are typically harmed by metal vs. holy animals. You may also utilize simple magic individuals known as signs, which you execute by using a specific sign with your hands in combat. Witcher s can use Signs swiftly in battle at the cost of a portion of their own endurance.

1It was a free day. What will you do?

Choose an answer
Sleep. Then I'll eat and sleep again
Go to a new restaurant with friends
Let's watch the new season of my favorite series
Read, my books look reproachfully from the shelves

2How do you deal with a lot of work?

Choose an answer
I panic, but then I pull myself together and decide everything
I have everything written in my diary, but I still forget something
No way
I'm a fan of planning – do, cross out, do, cross out

3How many friends do you have?

Choose an answer
I am a lone wolf. Lone lone wolf
I love noisy parties and am friends with everyone
I was betrayed and since then I have made acquaintances very carefully
There are a couple of relatives, the rest are friends

4Your main goal in life:

Choose an answer
David Lynch once said: I never thought about the meaning of life, I have too busy work schedule
I swim through life like a roach with the current and sparkle with a bright side
Career. Like Lady Gaga said, she won't wake up one day to say she doesn't love you anymore.
Fulfill your purpose in this world

5Witchers have to fight monsters. Which one would you like to avoid meeting?

Choose an answer
With a ghost
With a vampire

6What ability would you like to have?

Choose an answer
Goes without sleep, water and food for a long time
Always win at cards
Read thoughts

7Choose an animal:

Choose an answer

8Did you believe from the very beginning that the Witcher would find Cirill?

Choose an answer

9Do you love stand-ups?

Choose an answer

10Choose a cocktail:

Choose an answer
Beer, two glasses at once
Gin on basil
Something at the discretion of a nice bartender
Whiskey cola

11Where is the best place to live?

Choose an answer
In a cold castle on top of a mountain
On the ship
It is best not to have a permanent home and travel more
In a luxurious palace in the center of an eternally howling country

12Which of these are yours?

Choose an answer

13Which character did you like the least?

Choose an answer

14Which character did you like the most?

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15Choose your weapon:

Choose an answer
My words
Chaos magic
My mind

16What contacts would you like to wear every day?

Choose an answer

17What is your weakness?

Choose an answer
Beautiful clothes
Drinking and gambling
Travel and adventure

18Do you love horses?

Choose an answer
These are the best animals

19Family or beauty?

Choose an answer

20Will Cirilla go over to the side of the witchers?

Choose an answer
She doesn't need it, she's already strong
She will do what is best for the world
Any choice will be with an interesting continuation
The main thing is to be safe

21What's your biggest obstacle in life?

Choose an answer
Bad luck.
Bad choices in friends.
Nothing! I'm winning at life.
Bad life decisions.

22What is your favorite episode?

Choose an answer

23What's your favorite time of the year?

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24The best thing about you is:

Choose an answer
Courage and bravery
Creative and positive
Strength of mind and tolerance
Commitment to the goal, kindness and honesty

25What monster would you like to defeat?

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