Which Tom And Jerry Character Are You?

Who Are You From Tom and Jerry?

Take this quiz to find out which Tom and Jerry character you are.

Tom and Jerry is one of the greatest animated shows ever created. It adds a distinctive spin to the cat-and-mouse genre by incorporating additional characters. It is now more than 80 years old.

There are 8 possible characters that you can get as your result. This quiz is based mainly on personality, and your result should reflect both your strengths and weaknesses.

Jerry is the lovable and cunning mouse who always seems to outsmart Tom, the cat. If you’re Jerry, you are probably quick on your feet and have a sharp wit. You’re also probably quite mischievous!

Tom is the big, strong cat who loves to chase Jerry around. If you’re Tom, you are probably an adventurous type who enjoys physical activity. You may also be a bit of a hothead – but that just means you’re passionate about life!

Despite continual development, the revised version of "Tom & Jerry," which is shown nowadays on HBO Max and in plays, is unspectacularly awful, a film that evokes equally empty uses of loved ones like as "Yogi Bear" and "The Smurfs." It's a disaster. At the very least they were able to concentrate on their enduring characters. In the animated Hall of Fame, where cats and mouses went first-round before focusing on celebrity marriages at a fantastic hotel in New York and individuals working there, "Tom & Jerry" have little understanding of physical comedy.

Which character do you think best describes you? Let us know in the comments below.

1Do you like dogs?

Choose an answer
Not all

2What is your favorite thing about Tom and Jerry?

Choose an answer
Main characters
Classic animation

3What was the most unlikely thing about the cartoon?

Choose an answer

4How old are you?

Choose an answer
Less than 13
19 and more

5What do you do when you get in trouble?

Choose an answer
I ask my brother or sister to help
I may be the only one who plays naughty
I never get into trouble
I will call the family for help

6Did you have a hamster at home?

Choose an answer

7What character did you like the most?

Choose an answer

8Which character did you like less?

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9Do you consider yourself cunning?

Choose an answer

10Do you consider yourself lazy?

Choose an answer

11Choose your drink

Choose an answer

12Choose the coolest series

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13You are offended at your friend, he does not know about it. What will you do?

Choose an answer
Go to sleep
I'll tell him about it
I will be offended in return
I will take revenge on him for this

14Can you follow the rules?

Choose an answer
Who needs rules?
No, I'm learning this
Who makes the rules?

15Do you think Jerry is bullying Tom?

Choose an answer
Show of friendship
Show of love

16Tyke or Tuffy?

Choose an answer

17When will Tom and Jerry stop running after each other?

Choose an answer
This is cool

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