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What Season Am I?

Which Color Season Are You?

Take this quiz to find out what season you are.

I'm not a huge fan of typologies that prescribe a type-based solution, and while I'm a big proponent of color and all when it comes to creating a wardrobe around a certain palette, I've so far avoided the topic because I'm not a huge fan of type classifications. Rather than telling you exactly what to wear or what things to put in your wardrobe, I'd rather offer you a formula for generating your own solutions.

Your color season matches the colors that mix well with you. This information is therefore quite valuable when it comes to building your own color palette. However, determining which color season you reside in may be difficult.

Your responses will have an impact on your results, so be as honest as possible. We aren't the fashion police or a snooty fashion show host, but our What Color Season Am I quiz is only as correct as you are.

There's a seasonal hue for every style. Our color season quiz questions aren't based on famous fashion designers, but we can help you make shopping easier with a few colorful fashion recommendations. Answer now to discover whether you're a summer, fall, spring, or winter hue.

1Is your skin tone and hair have a cool undertone?

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2Is your skin tone and hair have a warm undertone?

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3Is your natural hair color lighter than medium brown?

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4What color of jewelry do you prefer to wear?

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5Look closely at your veins by your wrist, are they blue or green?

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6You're buying a new dress and only these colors are on sale. Which one would look best on you?

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7Which of these lipsticks do you prefer?

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8What colors are your favorite?

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Clear and Cool
Warm and Muted
Soft and Cool
Warm and Bright

9What shade of blush do you gravitate to most?

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Peachy & Pink Blush
Plum Blush
Brick Red Blush
Cool Baby Pink Blush

10Is cream a fall color?

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