Which Reborn! Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Reborn! character you are.

You could be Tsunayoshi Sawada, the Mafia's boss, or you could be Takeshi Yamamoto, Tsuna's best friend.

You might even be Reborn, the baby hitman who trains Tsuna to become the tenth-generation boss of the Vongola crime family!

Reborn!, known in Japan as Katekyō Hitman Reborn! is a manga series written and drawn by Akira Amano. Tsunayoshi Sawada, a young boy who learns that he is the heir to the Vongola family's bosseship, is the protagonist. Reborn, the Vongolas' most powerful assassin and a gun-wielding infant named, is sent to teach Tsuna how to be a boss. It was published in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump from May 2004 until November 2012, with 42 volumes collected into its publication.

So what are you waiting for? Take the quiz and find out which Reborn! character you are today! And don't forget to share your results with your friends.

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1Who do you consider a strong character?

Choose an answer

2What bird would you like to keep at home?

Choose an answer

3Choose a character trait

Choose an answer
Insecure but cheerful
Ruthless and outrageous
Short-tempered and irritable
Carefree and frivolous

4Do you give up easily?

Choose an answer
I never give up

5What is your favorite food?

Choose an answer
Vongole fettuccine
I have 308 favorite foods. But Salisbury steak is ranked 1st.
Hamburger steak

6Do you like very spicy food?

Choose an answer
I hate this
Sometimes I like it

7Do you like cherry blossoms?

Choose an answer
No, because of an illness that I once had
It's beautiful, but I'm neutral

8What is your favorite quote?

Choose an answer
I'll bite you to death
Tsuna is my toy–er, I mean student.

9What helps you focus?

Choose an answer
Collect hair in a bun
Stay alone
I do first and think later

10Who do you think is invincible?

Choose an answer
My father
My most sinister enemy

11What are you doing in your spare time?

Choose an answer
I don't have free time, I'm confidently going to my goals
Walking through my illusions

12What fighting suit color would you like?

Choose an answer

13Do you wear glasses?

Choose an answer
Yes, both for vision and as an accessory
I can if I want

14What are you proud of?

Choose an answer
Friends and comrades
Knowledge and power
Rigorousness and purposefulness

15Are you good at hide-and-seek among the mafia?

Choose an answer
I am a professional in this game
Learning to be the best
Hide and Seek is for kids, I'm interested in more important games

16Have you ever been sent to the hospital because you had beans stuck in your nose?

Choose an answer
Does this happen at all?
Of course not
Yes, it was

17What attribute would you like to own?

Choose an answer

18Who is your enemy?

Choose an answer
Shoichi Irie
Everyone older than me
Everyone who gets in my way

19How do you feel about the rules?

Choose an answer
It depends what the rules are
Anyone who breaks the rules should be punished
There are no rules

20Who would you like to chat with?

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