American Truck Simulator Quiz

Take this quiz to find out how well do you know the American Truck Simulator.

The company that created American Truck Simulator is called SCS Software. It is a Czech video game developer who has been making games since 1991. Their most famous titles include Euro Truck Simulator and 18 Wheels of Steel. ATS is their first game set in America and was released in 2016. It has since become one of the most popular truck driving simulators on the market.

All states are vast in detail and design, with big cities for one to explore, as American Truck Simulator now features only 10 of the 50 possible states (though it is unlikely that the whole US map will be completed anytime soon). It will be a huge game when the entire map is finished, taking about 1 hour in real-time to go from Salt Lake City, Utah, to San Francisco, California.

The base game was released with the state of California and Nevada, as well as a total of 32 cities. Arizona was made available four months later as a free update, including 15 towns. On September 7, 2021, the newest DLC added the state of Wyoming with 10 cities. There are currently 136 cities in the game.

1What is the name of the company that created the American Truck Simulator?

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SSC Software
SCS Software
ATS SC Gaming

2Do You need an internet connection to play American Truck Simulator?

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3How many wheels does a semi-truck have?

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4What is the name of American Truck Simulator main competitor?

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Rigs of Rods
Euro Truck Simulator
Royal Truck City Simulator

5When was the game released?

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6How long is an hour in ATS?

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1 minute
3 minutes
12 minutes

7What is the strongest truck in American Truck Simulator?

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Volvo FH16 700 hp
Volvo FH17 831 hp
Scania S-series

8What are the 2 initial trucks to buy?

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Peterbilt 854 y Volvo 85
Peterbilt 579 y Peterbilt 389
Volvo 55 y Tesla 579

9Can you put your own music in the game?

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10Are there cops in American Truck Simulator?

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11What does a retarder do in American Truck Simulator?

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Slowing vehicles
Speeding up vehicles