When Will I Get Married?

This is a question that many people ask themselves, and it's not always easy to predict. Sometimes people meet their soulmates early on in life, while others may be single for many years before finding the right person. There are a few things that can give you some clues about when you'll get married, though. Here are four signs that you might be getting closer to tying the knot:

You're in your late twenties or early thirties. This is often considered to be the prime time for getting married, as people in this age range are usually established in their careers and ready to settle down. If you've been dating someone seriously for a while and both of you are in this age range, it could be a sign that marriage is on the horizon.

You've been together for a long time. If you and your partner have been together for several years, it's likely that marriage has crossed both of your minds. Long-term relationships are often a precursor to marriage, so if you're in one, it could be a sign that you'll take the next step soon.

You've talked about getting married. If you've had conversations with your partner about getting married in the future, it's a good indication that you're both open to the idea and that it may happen sooner than you think.

You're ready for a big commitment. Marriage is a big commitment, so if you feel like you're ready for something like that in your life, it could be a sign that you'll be getting married soon. If you've been thinking about marriage and feel like it's the right time for you, don't be surprised if you get engaged in the near future.

These are just a few signs that you might be getting closer to getting married. Of course, there's no guarantee that any of these things mean you'll get married soon, but if you're in a relationship and have been for a while, it's something to think about. To find out more, just take our quiz.

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1Are you in a relationship?

Choose an answer
I am in a long-term relationship
No, and I'm not looking to be in one anytime soon

2How old are you?

Choose an answer
18 or younger
22 or older

3How many serious relationships have you been in?

Choose an answer
A few

4Do you want to get married?

Choose an answer
Yes, as soon as possible!
I'm not sure…maybe someday
No, I don't think so…I'm happy being single

5Choose your wedding cake

Choose an answer

6What is your ideal wedding like?

Choose an answer
A big, glamorous affair with hundreds of guests
A small, intimate ceremony with close family and friends
Somewhere in between- not too big or too small

7What does your dream partner look like?

Choose an answer
Tall, dark, and handsome
Blonde hair, blue eyes- the classic beauty
I don't really have a type

8Do you believe in love at first sight?

Choose an answer
Sometimes- it depends on the circumstances
No, I think you need to get to know someone first
Yes, I believe that when you know, you know

9Are you ready to settle down and get married?

Choose an answer
It depends on who comes along…
Not yet- I'm still young and want to explore the world!
Yes, I'm ready to find my forever person

10What rings do you like the most?

Choose an answer

11What are you looking for in a partner?

Choose an answer
Someone who is kind and understanding
Someone who is funny and makes me laugh
Someone who challenges me and keeps me on my toes

12Are you hoping to get married soon?

Choose an answer
Not anytime soon- I'm in no rush
A few years down the line- I want to enjoy being engaged first!
Within the next year or two

13How do you feel about love and marriage?

Choose an answer
I'm a hopeless romantic and can't wait to find my soulmate
Love is overrated and I'm not sure I believe in marriage
I'm open to the idea of finding love, but marriage isn't necessarily for me

14What are your thoughts on having kids?

Choose an answer
It depends on the situation
I'm not sure, I would need to think about it more
I can't wait to be a parent!

15Choose the location where you want to have your wedding

Choose an answer