Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 13 Answers

Question Answers
If two parties have reached an agreement in secret, they have arrived at it: sub rosa
The act of choosing, willing, or deciding can be referred to as: volition
Which of the following is the opposite of humility? vainglory
A trophy that has been polished so that it gleams brilliantly can be described as: resplendent
If you have cleaned your kitchen appliances until they are spotless, you could say they are: immaculate
Which of the following could be used to refer to a recently discovered part of a ship that sank long ago? vestige
A chauvinist (sentence 1) is a person who is extremely: patriotic
Which of the following words could not be used to replace accolades (sentence 2)? censure
In sentence 5, attrition means: reduction
If someone observes international protocol (sentence 6), he or she: follows a code of conduct