What Sorority Should I Join Quiz

You know you want to be in a sorority, but which one? Choosing a sorority can be tough - so many amazing communities to choose from! But don't worry, this quiz will help you find the perfect one for you. Just answer a few questions, and we'll match you up with the best fit!

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1What is your ideal college experience?

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Going to football games and school spirit events with my sisters
Studying hard and getting involved in research
Joining a lot of clubs and organizations
Hanging out with friends and going to parties

2What kind of sisterhood do you value most?

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A group of women who are like family
A group of women with similar interests
A group of women who challenge me to be the best version of myself
A group of women who are kind and supportive

3What is your ideal social scene?

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Spending time with my sisters doing sisterhood events
Going to frat parties and meeting new people
Staying in and relaxing
Going out to bars and clubs with my friends

4What philanthropy do you care about most?

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Children's literacy
Animal welfare
Domestic violence awareness
Cancer research

5What kind of party would you like?

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6What kind of atmosphere do you want in your sorority house?

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Fun and lighthearted
Serious and studious
Creative and artsy
Supportive and welcoming

7What kind of events do you want to attend with your sisters?

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Mixers with other organizations
Game nights and movie nights
Service projects
Formals and semi-formals

8What kind of sister do you want to be?

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A leader in the sorority and on campus
A role model for younger sisters
Someone who is involved in everything
Someone who is always there for her sisters

9What is your ideal sorority experience?

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Attending sisterhood events and getting to know my sisters better
Going out with my sisters on the weekends
Studying with my sisters and being involved in philanthropy projects
All of the above!

10What gifts would you give to your sorority?

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11Which of the following values do you prioritize most?

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Community service

12What kind of personality do you have?

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Bubbly and outgoing
Driven and ambitious
Supportive and friendly
Independent and confident

13How do you feel about spending time with people you don't know well?

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You're always up for meeting new people and love to be surrounded by lots of people
You prefer smaller groups or one-on-one interactions
It depends on the situation, but you generally like getting to know new people
You don't mind meeting new people but usually prefer to stick with those you already know

14Take your donut

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15Take your coffee

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