Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which AOT character you are.

Attack on Titan, often called AoT, is a Japanese manga created by Hajime Isayama and published by Kodansha. They take place in a fantasy world where people live inside fortifications surrounded by three massive walls. Titans are the walls that defend humans from enormous man-eating humanoids.

The thrilling action and drama of Attack on Titan is nearly comparable to that of a roller coaster ride, which goes only up. Indeed, after seeing the first episode, your periodic gulps of anxiety will only increase in frequency until you're completely hooked. Many anime enthusiasts have claimed this series as the best-written anime ever created.

Are you the brave and fearless Eren Jaeger? The level-headed Mikasa Ackerman? Or one of the other characters in the series? Find out with this quiz!

Just remember: No matter what your result is, we're all friends here. And nobody's perfect—even Attack on Titan characters have their flaws. So don't worry if you get a character that isn't exactly who you thought you'd be. We all have to start somewhere!

Which Attack On Titan Character Are You?

Eren Jaeger

Mikasa Ackerman

Armin Arlert

Jean Kirstein

Marco Bott

Frieda Reiss

Annie Leonhart

Bertholdt Hoover

1Which character do you like the least?

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Kenny Ackermann
Bertholdt Hoover

2Which character do you like the most?

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Zeke Jaeger
Jean Kirschtein
Historia Reiss
Reiner Braun

3Who would you like to communicate with?

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Hange Zoe
Sasha Braus
Erwin Smith
With everyone

4Do you think it's possible to negotiate with the titans?

Choose an answer
If it were possible, they would have already agreed
Of course no. They have to kill them
Might need the right approach
Their place behind the wall

5What is your first reaction when encountering a Titan?

Choose an answer
Let it enjoy its last minutes
Defend me
Attack it
Plan a scape

6Which wall would you like to live behind?

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Wall Sheena
Wall Maria
Wall Rose
I would like to live outside the walls

7What titan would you like to deal with on your own?

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8Would you like to fight the titans?

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 Absolutely exactly
Not really
I have no desire

9What would you do before stepping outside the walls?

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Would think about how to capture more titans for study
I would calm and motivate all people
Developed a plan to destroy the titans
Would like to complete the mission as quickly as possible

10Are you being told that you are fair?

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11Do you think you are very smart for your age?

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12What makes you a powerful fighter?

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Striving for victory

13What is your reason for killing the Titans?

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14What do you think about people turning into titans?

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I am one of them and I know that I am a good person
For the sake of my people, I wouldn't mind becoming a titan either
As long as they are on the side of humanity, I don't mind
They better hide this fact from society

15Can you rely on others?

Choose an answer
Yes, and I hate myself for it

16What is your philosophy?

Choose an answer
"Fighting is life, losing is death"
"Protection and care above all"

17Which titan do you think is the most evil?

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18For what reason are you fighting?

Choose an answer
To explore the world
To protect my friends
To avenge those I loved
For the peace of all mankind

19Are you willing to put yourself in danger for the sake of others?

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I'll do it without a second thought
Quite possible

20Do you easily connect with people?

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21How would you describe yourself?

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Crazy, I'm interested in all living things
Calm, intelligent and taciturn
I'm confident
Brain of my company