What Religion Am I?

What Religion Am I Test

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the answer will depend on your individual beliefs and practices. However, some of the most common religions in the world include Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. If you're not sure which religion best describes your beliefs, try taking our quiz to help you determine the answer.



On the other hand, Muslims believe in the Qur'an and the Day of Judgement. Such individuals believe in prophets and think that God is the creator of everything. Your predestination beliefs are likely to lead you toward Islam.



You're someone who believes in eternity and God holding power in your faith if your findings indicate Jewish. You believe that Christ is Holy, but he isn't the Messiah you are searching for. Monotheism, identity, and covenant values are three of your principles.



You believe in the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ as God's Son. Your firm convictions are the Church's holiness, death, resurrection, and Christ's ascension. You want to be with your loved ones at all times. Even if they pass away before you do, you know you will see them again in heaven and wait for your return.



You believe in transformation and that nothing is fixed or permanent. In your opinion, the path to enlightenment lies in the development of morality, wisdom, and meditation. You believe that individuals should not be disturbed when their families or parents depart because you are committed to a Zen existence.

The following is a list of religious principles that we frequently encounter. The world includes many religions, including Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese religion, and others. Each faith has its own set of beliefs that are offered to the public. Furthermore, there are individuals who rebel against religious ideas and the existence of God. Atheists or non-religious persons are people who do not subscribe to any religion.

If you're looking for a more specific answer or want to find out what religion your friends and family follow, try contacting a religious organization or temple in your area. They should be able to provide you with all the information you need about their particular faith tradition.

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1Aside from weddings and funerals, how often do you attend religious services?

Choose an answer
Once a week
Once or twice a month
A few times a year

2Define God

Choose an answer
God is a triple entity
There are multiple Gods and Goddesses.
God is not a living being, but the very life force of our existence.
I believe in the God of Abraham. I have no other Gods before Him

3What are your feelings about a higher being?

Choose an answer
I accept there is a higher being, one who has a greater plan for us all.
I believe there is something spiritual but not necessarily a higher being.
There is a higher being, but it also began with man, just like us!

4According to you, how many Gods are there and what is their nature?

Choose an answer
The supreme force is the impersonal Ultimate Reality (or life force, ultimate truth), which is in everything and/or beyond everything
There is only one God – the almighty, creator
Many personal gods (or goddesses)

5What happens to people after death?

Choose an answer
There is no life after death
Souls are judged immediately as a harbinger of heaven or hell
There is reincarnation
There is certainly life after death, but it is not known what it looks like

6How willing are you to devote yourself to your religion?

Choose an answer
I'm willing to pray/meditate/embrace my religion multiple times a day.
I'm willing to pray/meditate/embrace my religion once a day.
I want to have something I can turn to if I need it.
I'm willing to pray/meditate/embrace my religion semi-regularly.

7Do you like strictness in religion?

Choose an answer
A little bit of strictness is okay.
I think religion should have strict rules so that people follow it properly.
There should be no strictness and people should be allowed to do whatever they like
Strictness should be limited so that people follow rules and feel happy at the same time.

8Which of these statements best fits your view of the meaning of life?

Choose an answer
"We should enjoy life while we can.''
''Our life is what our thoughts have made it.''
''The drama of life is that we grow old too soon and wise too late.''
''You won't find peace by avoiding life.''

9What is more important – the mind, the body or the soul?

Choose an answer
All of the above

10Does God have a human incarnation?

Choose an answer
There is one incarnation of God
There are many incarnations
God is supreme and there are no incarnations

11To what extent do you consider yourself a SPIRITUAL person? Are you...

Choose an answer
Very spiritual
Somewhat spiritual
Not too spiritual
Not at all spiritual