Which Grey’s Anatomy Character Are You?

Which Female "Grey's Anatomy" Character Are You Most Similar To?

Take this quiz to find out which Grey's Anatomy character you are. The hour-long primetime soap opera Grey's Anatomy has long blended love, medical drama, sensual pleasures, heartwarming friendships, and terrible losses while still keeping numerous loved characters off the air.

The exits of several original cast members opened up space for new characters such as April Kepner, Owen Hunt, Jackson Avery, and Arizona Robbins. But we're going all old school with this quiz. Which Grey's Anatomy character are you?

Are you a Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Alex Karev, George O'Malley, or Izzie Stevens?

The American Broadcasting Company's (ABC) drama series Grey's Anatomy follows the professional and personal lives of a group of doctors led by Dr. Mark Grey.

A typical day at the hospital, with lots of studying and fellowship but also a hefty workload... Grey's Anatomy is a humorous, somewhat chaotic drama that depicts what it's like to be a doctor while delivering plenty of comedy and romance. Do you want to know who you are and how your life would have played out if things had gone differently? Take our quiz to discover out!

1Do you want to work with students?

Choose an answer
Yes it's funny
Certainly! I'll pass on my experience to them!
Have to do it
No. Someone take them away

2Are you male or female?

Choose an answer

3When meeting a student for the first time...

Choose an answer
I warn you that I don’t do concessions
I try to please. Mutual sympathy is the key to success
I introduce myself and tell everything that is supposed to be according to the instructions
A student comes to study, not to a circus show
I strive to impress – with knowledge, professionalism, charisma
Establishing a friendly relationship

4Who's your least favorite character out of the following?

Choose an answer

5What is your biggest fear?

Choose an answer
Many patients
Being ordinary
Losing my parents
Losing my kids
A lot of work

6Are you left handed or right handed?

Choose an answer
Left handed
Right handed

7What is your favorite dessert?

Choose an answer
Banana cream pie
Sweet sandwiches
Apple pie

8What do you like most?

Choose an answer
Star fruit

9Why do you think students love you?

Choose an answer
For the ability to be “on the same wavelength”
For tactful, but necessary "magic pendels" and objectivity
For respecting personal boundaries
Readiness to “understand and forgive”

10Do you like films about the second world war?

Choose an answer

11Do you like camping?

Choose an answer
I hate it

12How kind are you?

Choose an answer
68,5 %

13What car would you drive?

Choose an answer

14Do you laugh in your sleep?

Choose an answer
I don't know

15Have you ever been fired from a job?

Choose an answer
I did it first

16Do you like ties?

Choose an answer
I don't wear them, I don't care

17Do you like to fly?

Choose an answer
I hate it

18How do you rest?

Choose an answer
It's hard for me to find time to rest. But if I “turn off” from work, then completely. I disappear from the radar
I go on dates, walk the dog, meet my friends
Everything is like people
The best rest is work
I love bright emotions and "adventure". They help you switch
Shopping is the best pastime

19They ask you if you love. What will you answer?

Choose an answer
What's the sudden question?
I don't want to love you. I want to be happy
How embarrassing…
I'll tell the truth

20Do you like blue cheese?

Choose an answer

21How do you feel about puzzles?

Choose an answer
Perfect brain activity
I hate it
I'd rather go meet someone

22What is your favorite school subject?

Choose an answer
I don't even remember

23What would you do if you didn't have friends?

Choose an answer
Meeting people will solve this problem
I have always had friends
Make an imaginary friend, or name objects

24What language would you like to learn?

Choose an answer

25Which episode do you remember the most?

Choose an answer
"Give Peace a Chance"
"Start Me Up"
"Can't Fight Biology"
"Begin the Begin"
"Staring at the Sun"
"We Gotta Get Out of This Place"