Which Hamilton Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Hamilton character you are.

The Tony Award-winning play (and penned and starred in by Lin-Manuel Miranda) is swarming with dynamic and absorbing personalities.

Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton: An American Musical is a sung-and-rapped-through musical about Alexander Hamilton. It follows the life of Alexander Hamilton, an important figure in the foundation of the United States. After reading Ron Chernow's 2004 biography Alexander Hamilton, Miranda was inspired to write the show. Hip hop, R&B, pop, soul, and traditional-style show tunes are all utilized in the production. Nonwhite performers play historical figures such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson in the play. Miranda compared his work to "an oral history of America then as told by America today."

From the start, Hamilton has received almost universal praise. The Public Theater presented it Off-Broadway from February 17 to June 9, 2015, with Miranda playing Alexander Hamilton. The show won eight Drama Desk Awards, including Outstanding Musical, and was named Best Broadway Musical in 2016 by Time magazine. It subsequently moved to the Richard Rodgers Theatre on Broadway, where it opened on August 6, 2015, to unanimous positive reception and strong box office returns.

Hamilton, which has been seen by more than 100 million people worldwide, was a favorite at the 70th Annual Tony Awards. It won 11 honors including Best Musical and set a new record for most Tonys won in one night by a single show. It was named winner of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama during the ceremony. A filmed version of the Broadway production was released by Disney+ in 2020.

1What is your favorite song?

Choose an answer
Wait For It
What'd I Miss
I Know Him
Guns And Ships

2Have you read many books?

Choose an answer
Everything I could find I read
Sometimes I like to read and I devour book after book
A bit

3Are you married?

Choose an answer

4Have you had such a thing that you and a friend fell in love with the same person?

Choose an answer

5What everyday item is always in your backpack?

Choose an answer
Favorite book

6Which word best describes you?

Choose an answer

7How do you prefer to spend your free time?

Choose an answer
Read books, articles, gain new knowledge, develop
Meet friends, visit new places, explore
I spend my free time at home with my family and relatives
Draw, write stories, sing – in a word, be creative

8Do you like parties?

Choose an answer
No, once hit a guy hard, now I'm afraid to go to parties

9Do you like to write letters?

Choose an answer

10What qualities do you value most in people?

Choose an answer
Kindness, care, loyalty, honesty
Trust, courage, strength, mutual understanding
Mind, creativity, firmness of character, purposefulness
Responsiveness, self-confidence, ability to take initiative, leadership qualities

11What color combinations do you like best?

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Pastel colors of pink, blue, purple, yellow
Dark green, purple, pearl white, mother-of-pearl
Golden, scarlet, black, white
Shades of gray, chocolate, ocher, amber

12Do you like architecture activities?

Choose an answer

13Are you the oldest or the youngest in the family?

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14If you had the opportunity to visit any place, which of the following would you go to?

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Paris, France
Of course, in New York, USA! City of skyscrapers and progress
Stockholm, Sweden. Captivating culture
Athens, Greece

15Who was the most likable character for you?

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John Laurens
Marquis de Lafayette
King George
Aaron Burr

16What quote impressed you?

Choose an answer
Look at where you are. Look at where you started. The fact that you're alive is a miracle. Just stay alive, that would be enough
We push away what we can never understand. We push away the unimaginable
Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We fought for these ideals we shouldn't settle for less
There’s a million things I haven’t done, just you wait

17What words will you remember forever?

Choose an answer
I have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight. We were at a revel with some rebels on a hot night, laughin’ at my sister as she’s dazzling the room then you walked in and my heart went, ‘Boom!
I’m about to change your life
Such a blunder sometimes it makes me wonder why I even bring the thunder
The plan is to fan this spark into a flame