Which Sex Education Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Sex Education character you are.

In the first season, Mr. Groff's son Adam was also a significant character. He is a school smuggler who has an issue with his father, and Eric is a special target of his abuse. At the conclusion of the first season, Adam won a course on essay writing - but Miss Sands correctly guessed that he had not authored this work himself. Maeve's older brother Sean dropped by at the same time and had been gone for several months.

Netflix's "Sex Education" is a British comedy-drama series created by Laurie Nunn. The characters in the story deal with various personal problems, usually linked to intimacy, as they navigate their way through life at Moordale Secondary School. Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Ncuti Gatwa, Emma Mackey, Connor Swindells, Kedar Williams-Stirling, Alistair Petrie, Mimi Keene, and Aimee Lou Wood star in this ensemble cast.

The first season aired from 11 January 2019 to 17 July 2019, the second from 17 January 2020 to 10 April 2020, and the third from 17 September 2021 to 20 June 2022. A fourth series has been greenlit.

Sex Education has received critical acclaim for its ensemble cast, writing, directing, production values, and mature treatment of its themes. The series has been a viewership success, with over 40 million viewers streaming the first series after its debut. Wood won the BAFTA TV Award for Best Female Comedy Performance for her role in the second series.

Some of us may only daydream about the dizzying heights of being a natural-born Ruby, a queen who knows she won't allow anybody tell her otherwise. Maybe you're an all-around gem-like Eric, Maeve, or Aimee, or you could be effortlessly unapologetic and independent as newbie Cal? Maybe you're goofy and messy like Otis or you might be effortlessly unapologetic and self-reliant like Cal.

Maeve and Jackson quarrel at school dancing, which is thwarted by Eric (dressed in full drag) and Otis after their previous break-down when Maeve had recognized that Otis had feelings for her. In the meantime, Adam instigates a physical fight with his father.

1Sex Education raises many important questions. Which of them means the most to you?

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The importance of familiarizing a woman with her own body
Relationship with a partner: about how important it is to discuss your desires and talk if you don’t like something
Sexual and gender identity

2What subject, besides sex education, would you include in the school curriculum?

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I'm all for practicality. Financial literacy is great
Something like a discussion club, where children would be taught to express their opinions without aggression and to treat others with respect
More creative items needed

3When one of your friends is hurting, how do you usually support them?

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I scold with all possible words the reason why a person feels bad
The best support is just to be there
I treat blues, bad mood and bad days with delicious pastries
Let's go somewhere to unwind in order to forget about the problems at least for a while
By conversation. When a person says aloud everything that worries him, it becomes easier
I give the opportunity to be alone

4What is your relationship with your parents?

Choose an answer
At breakfast, I feel like I'm at a session with a psychotherapist
My mother let me down more than once
My parents make me do things I don't like
Family respect my choice
I am the parent
Nobody cares about my interests

5How do you relieve stress?

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I break bottles in a landfill
I play in the school theater

6Which of these statements is closest to you?

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Fingering should be done clockwise
School is not for everyone
At the age of 16 it is difficult to decide on sexual orientation

7Do you behave the same at home and in public?

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Only with the closest people. Or maybe two or three of them.
I don't think about it, I just live
Yes! I may seem strange to some, but I don't care
I am a very direct person – I always remain myself, even at home, at work, even in an unfamiliar company
I have a certain image that I broadcast to others, even to my best friends
Yes, I don't hide my real me

8The ideal part-time job while studying is...?

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Selling pretzels at the mall
Work in a grocery store
Giving sex advice to peers

9An awkward situation from your youth?

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My mom dated my boyfriend's/my girlfriend's dad
My love chose another partner in front of the whole school
Ex-husband came for advice

10Do you like to experiment with your appearance?

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My maximum is a sudden short haircut
I like to express myself through clothes and unusual makeup
In moderation. I have a couple of tattoos. Sometimes you want to add a little color to your hair
I do not experiment, but I spend a lot of time and money on care
No, I do not need it
It's already in the past

11If you were in the universe of the series, which of the guys would you definitely make friends with?

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Jackson. Reliable, purposeful, charming
With Otis, of course. My knowledge will definitely come in handy for him!
Rahim seems to be a very unusual guy. I'm sure he's interesting
I like the sincerity and charm of Adam
Eric is amazing! We dressed up in crazy outfits together and rocked out at parties
Isaac, very kind and caring guy

12What about your sex education?

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My sex education is based on the fact that I encounter some problem and start studying it
I can watch some good YouTube show or read an interesting article if I get a chance. But I'm not specifically looking for anything.
Sex education is not only about sex. I constantly study this issue: I watch lectures, read literature, look for various useful sources …
I know some basic things. But to be honest, I'm not really interested in it.
I am interested in studying female sexuality and learning more about my body
The knowledge I have is enough for me

13How would your friends describe you?

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14Are you embarrassed to talk about sex?

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Absolutely not!
I feel comfortable, but only with loved ones
Yes, there's nothing to talk about

15Have you had to choose between your loved one and your friends?

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I don't remember
All times

16Are you shy with your friends?

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17Have you ever had questions about sex and didn't know who to ask?

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18Do you like to ride a bike?

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19Which character do you find incredibly interesting?

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Ruby Matthews
Aimee Gibbs
Vivienne Odusanya
Hope Haddon
Rahim Harrak
Jackson Marchetti

20Which episode would you like to rewatch?

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