Which Undertale Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Undertale character you are.

Toby Fox's 2015 2D role-playing video game Undertale (stylized as UNDERTALE) is an adventure with a young protagonist who has fallen into the Underground: a vast, isolated territory beneath the Earth's surface, guarded by a magical barrier. The player makes their way back to the surface while battling monsters at every turn.

The player must fight their way through mini-bullet hell attacks set by the opponent in the combat system. Instead of killing them, they may choose to pacify or subdue monsters to spare them. These decisions have an impact on the game, with dialogue, characters, and narrative evolving as a result.

Fans of this game have flooded the internet with fan-made material about it, which is remarkable since the game has only been out for a few weeks. “Which Undertale Character Are You?” is a sort of quiz that focuses on fans' desire to connect even more to the characters and narrative in order to identify themselves.

Every day, around 50 Undertale-related YouTube videos are published on Steamspy, according to which the game has been watched by more than one million people! That is despite the fact that the game was released in 2015 with no major update or DLC to follow.

We're talking about a Kickstarter project that has taken the whole world in less than a year. And no one should ever overlook the incredible wonder and majesty of this tiny little fantasy land of monsters and humans.

Let's have some fun with this great game one more time by taking a quiz to see if you're one of the iconic Undertale characters.

For example:

Your results: __Undyne__

I'm Undyne! I am a Royal Guard and the leader of my own squadron.

I believe that strength is justice, and thus... I will fight you with all my power!

1What is your favorite color?

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All dark colors

2What is your character?

Choose an answer
Kind and obedient
Friendly and relaxed
Evil and cruel

3Do you use capital letters in your names?

Choose an answer

4Do you love taking care of others?

Choose an answer

5Would you like to be the biggest monster?

Choose an answer

6What part of the Underground would you inhabit?

Choose an answer
Ruins Locations
Snowdin Locations
Waterfall Locations
Hotland Locations
New Home Locations
Miscellaneous Locations

7If you had your own theme song, how would it sound?

Choose an answer
Like disco music
Like a ghostly child
Fast and mysterious
Sad, but very elegant
How strange salon music
Heavy and arrogant

8You are at your door and find out that you have lost the keys. How do you react?

Choose an answer
I keep calm
I'm trying to find them
I try to stay positive
I click
I'm calling a friend
I break down the door

9If you could be a resident of the Underground, what would you look like?

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10Do you like to chat and make new friends?

Choose an answer
No, I'm kinda lazy
Like yes, although sometimes not so much
Yes, I love heartfelt conversations

11Which of the following do you enjoy most when talking to someone you find attractive?

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I try to look cute
I'm being cool
I don't do anything because I have a happy relationship
I'm completely nervous and blushing
I put on a mask and be someone else
I flirt as if I was born for this

12What is your biggest drawback?

Choose an answer
I can't be myself
I can't be serious

13What ability do you like the most?

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Soul Absorption
Energy Manipulation

14What is your favorite weapon?

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Burnt frying pan
A spear
Blaster Gaster

15Were you a rather whiny child as a child?

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16Do you like to entertain your friends?

Choose an answer
I love to have fun with my friends
I like to come up with different jokes for them

17Which path do you prefer?

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Genocide … Although there is NO STOP!
Not ready to get used to the pacifist but I prefer this way
More space – more fans true pacifist
Have mercy on the dog!
I lost hope I don't care

18How long can you play the game?

Choose an answer
What games? This is my world!
Couple of hours
How much mood is enough (maybe a couple of days in a row)

19What are your favorite clothes?

Choose an answer
Homemade suit
Jacket with a hood
Purple dress

20What race are you?

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Also a skeleton

21What is your hobby?

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I like to sleep

22Are you keeping your promises?

Choose an answer
Almost always
Not always

23Do you trust people?

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24A friend wrote a strange message, what will you answer?

Choose an answer

25A friend said that tomorrow there will be no your most unloved lesson, what will you answer?

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