Which Spider-Man Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Spiderman character you are most like!

You might be thinking, does this really matter? Which Spiderman character am I?

Well, it might not seem like it matters, but it actually says a lot about your personality.

For example, if you identify with Peter Parker, then that means you are probably a pretty down-to-earth person. You're the type of person who is always there for your friends and family, and you would do anything to protect them.

On the other hand, if you identify with Venom, then that means you might have a dark side. You're probably someone who is very loyal to those closest to you, but can also be dangerous if crossed. You're not afraid to stand up for yourself and always ensure justice is served.

So, which Spiderman character are you? Take the quiz to find out!

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1What color will your suit be?

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2What do you think will be the most effective weapon in the fight against Spider-Man?

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A Good Punch

3How should you act in a stressful situation? For example, when the Earth was invaded by aliens

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Come up with some kind of trap
Try to get in touch with them, maybe they are friendly
Broadcast live from the scene and tell everyone what's going on

4Who do you think is the most powerful villain?

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5Choose the phrase that best describes you:

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The world is changing. It's time for us to change
End justifies the means
We choose who we want to be

6What superpowers are you missing?

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Thank you I have everything
A little ingenuity doesn't hurt
Power! I need strength!
Super speed

7A masked superhero has appeared in your city. Everyone is trying to find out his identity, but what will you do?

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Calculate him and become his mentor, together we can save this world
I think it's my neighbor
I will try to hide better, because I am this superhero

8You are suddenly offered to go to another country. What will you do?

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I will go, but only with a friend to make it more fun
I won't go anywhere. I have something to do here too
My plane is ready to take off. Let's have fun?
Of course I'll go

9Choose the phrase you like the most

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When you wield power and do not use it, you will always be guilty of not preventing
The world is changing. It's time for us to change
If we're above the law, we're no better than villains
I can't keep secrets

10Describe your ideal vacation:

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Dancing in the club till you drop
Breakfast at the top of the Empire State Building
Travel to Europe

11How do you feel about superhero teams?

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I'm used to working alone
Everyone would be put behind bars!
Do my parents count as a super team?

12Did you have a mentor?

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Yes, he was my idol: a brilliant and very successful person
I myself will guide anyone and anywhere!
Yes, but at some point we all outgrow our teachers
My loved ones are my main mentors

13Are you good at technology?

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14If you suddenly became interested in science, what discipline would you prefer to study?

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15Which spider do you like the most?

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