How Old Am I?

Can We Guess Your Age?

Can we guess how old you are based on your answers? Take our quick quiz and find out!

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1You wake up on a Saturday morning. What do you do first?

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Make yourself a cup of coffee and sit down to watch TV
Start getting ready for your day
Check your phone to see what you missed overnight

2It's time for lunch. You're feeling:

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Not hungry at all
Hangry! You need food, stat!
A little hungry, but you're not sure what you want

3You see a group of people laughing and joking as they walk down the street. You:

Choose an answer
Smile and wave
Look away and keep to yourself
Wish you were with them

4You're at a party and you don't know anyone. You:

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Go up to someone and start chatting
Stick close to the person you came with
Find a quiet corner and wait for the party to be over

5It's your turn to pick a movie to watch with your friends. You choose:

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Something different no one has heard of
A classic you've seen a million times already
The latest blockbuster everyone is talking about

6You're out with your friends on a Friday night. At the end of the night, you:

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Go home with a group of people
Go home alone
Go home with someone

7It's Sunday afternoon and you're feeling:

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Bored out of your mind
A little restless, but you're not sure what to do
Happy and content

8You see an animal in distress on the side of the road. You:

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Keep driving
Pull over to help
Call for help

9You've just been given a big project at work with a tight deadline. You:

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Start working on it right away
Procrastinate and hope someone else will do it
Delegate it to someone else

10It's your birthday! How do you celebrate?

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You don't make a big deal out of it
A quiet dinner with a few close friends or family members
With a big party surrounded by all your friends and family

11You've just won a huge lottery jackpot. You:

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Save it
Invest it
Blow it all on one big purchase

12Your best friend is moving away. You feel:

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Excited for them, but also a little jealous
A little sad, but you know you'll still keep in touch
Devastated and like you'll never see them again

13You're at a museum. You:

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Look at every exhibit
Stick to the ones that interest you
Get bored quickly and leave

14It's a hot day and you're feeling thirsty. You:

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Drink some water from the water fountain
Buy a cold drink from the vending machine
Go without

15When do you go to bed?

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Around 9-10 pm
Around 11-12 pm
Whenever I want

16How often do you clean your house or apartment?

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Every day I do my best to keep my house clean
When will the mood
1-3 times a week

17Do you have pets?

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I don't have time for pets
I just choose my pet right now

18The best shoes for you

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19Do you like cooking?

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20When it's raining outside, what do you think about?

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Enjoy the sound of rain and fresh air
I'm angry because the weather ruined my plans for the evening
I don't think about anything, I do what I did

21What color is the most in your wardrobe?

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