Which Disney Villain Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Disney villain you are.

The first animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, was released by Disney in 1937. They proceeded to make a slew of culture-defining films, with a gallery of loathsome villains that we all despise. Today, Disney is the world's leading entertainment producer, offering everything from toys and souvenirs to television series, movies, and video games. Many of us grew up watching and sometimes identifying with the protagonists or antagonists of the classics.

The quiz is multiple choice and asks questions about your personality. It's based on Disney Villains and their personalities.

The quiz has twenty-one questions; at the end, you will be given a villain to represent you.

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1Do you have many helpers?

Choose an answer
Invisible, which is typical …
I can choose predators
I can't trust my secret to anyone
Foolish scoundrels come across
My cunning is the main assistant

2Are you loved or feared?

Choose an answer
I'm the best!
Let them be afraid, as long as they obey
Charm is part of my strength
They will love if I change my appearance
They envy me!

3Your cherished dream?

Choose an answer
Eternal youth
Power over the elements
Many, many beautiful dresses, shoes, bags …
Command the secret forces
Get what I want. And immediately!

4What is your main mistake?

Choose an answer
Rely on your charms
Count on gratitude
And why did I need this fur coat ?!
Forget about the back-up plan
Not reading the terms of the deal

5What is the meaning of love for you?

Choose an answer
The main thing is not to be smart!
The Crown Matters Most
Love only hinders me
I can hypnotize!
In expensive gifts
I wish you well …

6What will you do if your relatives are in danger?

Choose an answer
Maybe I can help
What am I?
I will help, of course, then I can use it for my own purposes
Let them figure it out themselves

7What kind of music do you like?

Choose an answer
To delight my ears
I want a great voice!

8If a book is published about you in your style, it will be ...

Choose an answer
Glossy magazine
Horror novel
Manual of Magic

9What will you do in your free time?

Choose an answer
I gossip with my friends
Haircut and styling at your favorite salon
Walk in the park

10Who do you call most often?

Choose an answer
Nobody, I'm a lonely loner
My assistant or colleagues
To my debtors

11Choose a color

Choose an answer
I like the combination of white and black

12Which pet will you choose?

Choose an answer
Any bird
Never wanted a pet. Well maybe a rabbit

13What TV shows will you watch tonight?

Choose an answer
Queen's Gambit
Toy Boy

14What is the main thing in the image?

Choose an answer
Expensive clothing
Hair and makeup
Headdress. Hats are back in style!

15Night or Day?

Choose an answer

16Coffee or tea?

Choose an answer

17What dream house would you like to live in?

Choose an answer
Secluded house in the forest
Stylish apartment in the city center
Big house in the suburbs
Modern villa by the sea
I don't think about it
Luxurious old castle

18What kind of people annoy you the most?

Choose an answer
I can't stand couples in love
Those who are dressed cooler than me

19Why do you want to harm the hero so much?

Choose an answer
I don't need reasons
Who said I want to hurt? I want to help!
He broke my heart
Because we are very similar

20What gif do you find disgusting?

Choose an answer

21What GIF will help you invite a friend to a meeting?

Choose an answer

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  • I took the quiz and it told me that I was Ursula from The Little Mermaid. It said that I am ambitious, manipulative, and charming. I think this fits me pretty well! What about you? Take the quiz and find out which villain you are!

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