Which Encanto Character Are You?

A Colombian teenager is left fuming by the fact that she is the only member of her family without supernatural abilities.

Hey there, Encanto fans! We've decided to put together a quiz for all of you out there in honor of the release. So without further ado, let's get started!

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1What do you like about your house?

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My home understands me
My most beautiful and tender room
I am very rarely at home

2Do you like cooking?

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I don't have time for this

3What is the most important thing for you?

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So that the strength does not leave me
I love being up to date with the latest news
To make the candle burn only brighter

4Why do you think Antonio wanted Mirabel to show him to the door?

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He trusted her
She was closest to him
Probably because she gave him a toy

5What word describes you best?

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6What do you think Bruno was like?

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Cheerful and loving
Probably wise
–°owardly and honest

7Do you think the Madrigal family was strong?

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Probably yes, it was still good
Until the prediction of a man whose name cannot be spoken
Probably not, otherwise, the magic would not have disappeared at all

8Your favorite color?

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9If you draw conclusions from the film, what is the most important thing in a family?

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Support for each other

10What kind of magic would you like to have?

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I want to understand animals
Be a flower princess
I want to hear everyone at great distances
I want to be the strongest in everything Encanto
I want to be able to control the weather
I want to see the future

11Do you like to give gifts?

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I prefer to receive gifts
I love to give and receive gifts

12What would you do at the main Encanto celebration?

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I would wait for the most important moment when they open the doors and get magic
I would dance and have fun
Finally got a chance to meet all my friends

13What sweets would you prepare to heal people?

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–°heese pancake
Cookies with chocolate
Gum with different tastes

14Do you like helping others?

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Of course, but somehow always when I do it, things don't go according to plan
Not always
I'm good at it when I'm in the mood

15Which flower do you like the most?

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16If you lived in Encanto, would you like to go beyond the big mountains?

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Of course not, it's forbidden
Maybe if someone else wanted to keep company
I would like to move the mountains a little further

17What is your favorite animal?

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18Who would you befriend?

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19The best relationship in the family you have with

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20Which episode do you like the most?

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