Which Monster High Character Are You?

Take this quiz to find out which Monster High character you are.

The characters in the games are unlike any others that have ever been created. It's because they aren't beautiful but attract people with their hideous appearance, such as Draculaura. They are nevertheless fascinating owing to their optimism (although they appear like monsters).

Monster High is a world separated from ours, with creatures who attend school. These critical female characters in the game require your assistance in various ways. You must assist them with various activities to enable them live their lives peacefully.

Mattel's Monster High is an American fashion doll franchise launched on June 11, 2010. The characters are inspired by monster films, sci-fi horror, thriller fiction, and other monsters. Garrett Sander developed the concept for Monster High with Kellee Riley and Glen Hanson as illustrators. Consumer goods include stationery dolls, bags, key chains, various toys, play sets, and print/book series from the series.

Following a short time after its launch, an animated web series was produced and published on YouTube. As a result, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon aired several direct-to-video television specials and movies in the United States on cable TV channels.

Audiovisual media was supposed to be the 21st century's reason for creating new doll characters in the digital era. In 2016, Mattel produced a reboot and backstory called Welcome to Monster High, which utilized updated face molds, animation technologies, and techniques while utilizing the slogan "How Do You Boo?" and Jordin Sparks' song "This Is How We Boo."

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1Who do you like the most?

Choose an answer

2What's your style?

Choose an answer
Elegant, feminine, flirty
I am the most fashionable!
I don't care what I wear.
I have very expensive and shining clothes

3What color of clothes do you like?

Choose an answer

4What color phone do you want?

Choose an answer

5Who would you like to be friends with from the school of monsters?

Choose an answer
Wydowna Spider
Vandala Doubloons
Gooliope Jellington
Gigi Grant
Kala Mer'ri

6Which guy do you like?

Choose an answer
Garrott du Roque
Gillington "Gil" Webber
Jackson Jekyll
Kieran Valentine
Heath Burns

7Do you love to eat?

Choose an answer
Only sweets

8Do you like animals?

Choose an answer

9What animal would you like to have?

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Count Fabulous

10Do you love being photographed?

Choose an answer
I make more videos than photos

11What item is always on hand?

Choose an answer

12You've been invited on a date. What shoes would you like to wear?

Choose an answer
Pink sneakers
Sandals with high heels
High boots! It's so majestic and exquisite

13What will you do if your friend refuses to go for a walk with you?

Choose an answer
I will understand her. Surely the person has a good reason, because she has never refused before
I'll ask if everything is in order. Perhaps she has some problems

14What if you and your friend like the same guy? How will you share?

Choose an answer
No way. This is impossible, because my friend and I have radically different tastes
Come on, this guy, friendship is much more important than romantic relationships
Let the young man make his own choice, and we will remain friends in any case

15Are you good at resolving conflicts?

Choose an answer

16How often do you go shopping?

Choose an answer
Every day
Once every 2 days
Once every 3 days
Once every 5 days
Once every 7 days

17Choose the Gif you like the most

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