Should I Ask Her Out Quiz

You've been eyeing that girl for a while now, but you're just not sure if she's into you. You don't want to make a move and have her reject you, but you also don't want to miss your chance. What should you do?

Take this quiz to find out if you should ask her out or not!

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1Do you know each other well?

Choose an answer
Yes, we've been friends for a while
No, we just met
We've spoken a few times, but I don't know her that well

2Does she seem interested in you?

Choose an answer
Yes, she always laughs at my jokes and touches my arm when we talk
No, she never pays attention to me and always seems busy when I try to talk to her
I'm not sure, sometimes she looks interested and other times she seems distracted

3You're at a party with your friends and she's there too. You approach her to talk. How does she react?

Choose an answer
She smiles and starts a conversation with you
She ignores you completely
She looks uncomfortable and backs away from you

4It's been a week since you talked to her last. You text her to see how she's doing. She responds...

Choose an answer
Almost immediately
More than a day later
A few hours later

5What cocktail would you choose for a girl?

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6You've been on a few dates and things seem to be going well. How does she act around you?

Choose an answer
She's always touching you or flirting with you
She seems bored when she's with you or is always looking at her phone
She's interested in what you have to say and likes spending time with you

7What is your relationship status?

Choose an answer
I'm single and ready to mingle
I'm casually dating someone
I'm in a serious relationship

8What is her relationship status?

Choose an answer
She's single
She's casually dating someone
She's in a serious relationship

9You've been talking to a girl you like for a while now. It's clear that she's interested in you too. You're both single and there's no reason why you shouldn't ask her out... but something is holding you back. What is it?

Choose an answer
You're not sure if she likes you enough
You don't want to ruin the friendship
You're afraid of rejection

10Choose the best place for a date

Choose an answer

11How often do you talk?

Choose an answer
Every day
Once a week
Every other day

12What was your first impression of her?

Choose an answer
I thought she was really beautiful and I couldn't believe she was talking to me
I didn't really have an opinion of her one way or the other
I thought she was okay. She wasn't really my type but I thought she seemed nice

13Which animal would suit her as a pet?

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14What does your gut tell you?

Choose an answer
My gut tells me that she likes me and I should ask her out
My gut tells me that I'm unsure if she likes me and that I should wait a little longer
My gut tells me that she doesn't like me and I shouldn't bother asking her out

15Are you ready to ask her out?

Choose an answer
Yes, I'm ready to ask her out!
No, I'm not ready to ask her out yet.
I don't know if I'm ready to ask her out yet.

16What are you waiting for?

Choose an answer
I'm waiting for the right time to ask her out
I'm waiting for her to make the first move
I don't know what I'm waiting for

17Pick a lucky number

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